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Eastern Coyote

by (author) Gerry Parker

Wildlife of Nova Scotia

by (author) Julie Towers

Masters of the Ocean Realm

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

by (author) John Heyning

Yukon Gold

High Hopes and dashed Dreams

by (author) James Preyde & Susan Preyde

Pirate of the Plains

by (author) Bruce Haak


The Supreme Trophy Trout

by (author) Barry Thornton


A Biography of H.R. MacMillan

by (author) Ken Drushka

The Greening of Canada

Federal Institutions and Decisions

by (author) G. Bruce Doern & Thomas Conway


by (author) Raymond Rogers

Trees of Guyana

A Seedling Identification Guide

illustrated by A. Hellum
edited by Roland Lines

Touching The Earth

by (author) Roberta Bondar

Canadian Mountaineering Anthology, The

edited by Bruce Fairley & Roland Lines

The New Savory Wild Mushroom

by (author) McKenny McKenny

Lady Grayl

Owl With a Mission

by (author) Robert W. Nero

Algonquin Park

Excursions With a Photographer

by (author) Dave Taylor


A Natural History

by (author) Michael H. Jackson

A Field Guide to Nearby Nature

Fields and Woods of the Midwest and East Coast

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

Resources for Tomorrow

Science Tecnology and Society

by (author) Dan Murphy


A Practical Guide to the New Forest Economy

by (author) Michael M'Gonigle & Ben Parfitt

Against the Flow

Rafferty-Alameda and the Politics of the Environment

by (author) George N. Hood

Birdwatchers Companion

by (author) Barry K. Mackay


by (author) Dimitri Roussopoulos

Adam's River

by (author) Mark Hume
photographs by Rick Blacklaws


The Steveston Story

by (author) Duncan Stacey & Susan Stacey

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