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Then Everything Happens at Once

by (author) M.-.E. Girard

The Everlasting Road

by (author) Wab Kinew

Be With Me

by (author) Jessica Cunsolo

Who Owns the Clouds?

by (author) Mario Brassard
illustrated by Gérard DuBois

Davidee Goes to the Arctic Winter Games

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Ryan Lahti
illustrated by Shannon Potratz

Ancient Ghosts

A Collection of Strange and Scary Stories from Northern Norway

by (author) Edel Marit Gaino
translated by Olivia Lasky & Lea Simma
illustrated by Toma Feizo Gas

The Big Reveal

by (author) Jen Larsen

Iron Hearts and Dragon Magic

by (author) Day Leitao


by (author) Nandi Taylor

Silver in the Mist

by (author) Emily Victoria

Knight of the Rails

by (author) Christine Welldon

Road of the Lost

by (author) Nafiza Azad

Love from Mecca to Medina

by (author) S.K. Ali

A House Unsettled

by (author) Trynne Delaney

In the Key of Dale

by (author) Benjamin Lefebvre

Suck It In and Smile

by (author) Laurence Beaudoin-Masse
translated by Shelley Tanaka

LGBTQ+ Teen Fiction 2023 17 volume set

by (author) Tony Correia, Mette Bach, Markus Harwood-Jones, Myriad Augustine & Tracy Goldfarb

Deal With Tough Issues 2023 8 volume set

by (author) Keisha Evans, N.B. Gonsalvez, Safia Saleh, Tierra Hohn, Danielle S. McLaughlin, Catherine Inglis, J. wallace skelton, Steven Solomon & Anne Marie Aikins
illustrated by Jenny Chan, Hana Shafi, Marne Grahlman, Paris Alleyne, Wang Xulin, Nick Johnson & Steven Murray

Righting Canada's Wrongs 2023 set

8 volume set + free resource guide

by (author) Pamela Hickman, Arlene Chan, Rona Arato, Gloria Ann Wesley, Jean Smith Cavalluzzo, Melanie Florence & Ken Setterington
illustrated by Masako Fukawa
contributions by Lindsay Gibson, Ilan Danjoux & Roland Case

The Anne of Green Gables Treasury: Deluxe 4-Volume Box Set Edition

by (author) L.M. Montgomery

The Book of Us

by (author) Shane Peacock

Demon in the Wood Graphic Novel

A Shadow and Bone Graphic Novel

by (author) Leigh Bardugo
illustrated by Dani Pendergast

Made 4 You

by (author) Eric Walters

The Sleeping Giant

by (author) Tammy Lowe

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