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Secrets of Bottom Fishing

by (author) Ed Ricciuti

Guide to Eastern Mushrooms

Guide to:

by (author) Barrie Kavasch

Fish of the Atlantic

by (author) Ed Ricciuti

Energy and the Quality of Life

Understanding Energy Policy

by (author) Clifford Hooker, Robert MacDonald, Robert van Hulst & Peter Victor

Remembering the Don

A Rare Record of Earlier Times Within the Don River Valley

by (author) Charles Sauriol


The Emerging Crisis in Canada

by (author) Harold Foster & W.R. Derrick Sewell

Environmental Strategy and Action

The Challenge of the World Conservation Strategy

by (author) Peter Jacobs

Orchids of North America

by (author) Dr William Petrie

Plants of Quetico and the Ontario Shield

by (author) Shan Walshe


The Salmon Fisherman's Bible

by (author) David Nuttall


by (author) Andre Gorz

Poisons in Public

Case Studies of Environmental Pollution in Canada

by (author) Ross Howard

Research Is a Passion With Me

The Autobiography of a Bird Lover

by (author) Margaret Morse Nice
foreword by Konrad Lorenz

High Arctic

An Expedition to the Unspoiled North

by (author) George Sutton

Mining in BC

The History of Mining in British Columbia

by (author) Geoffrey Taylor

Forest Soils

Properties and Processes

by (author) Ken Armson

Seeds and Fruits of Plants of Eastern Canada and Northeastern United States

by (author) F.H. Montgomery

Now You're Logging!

by (author) Bus Griffiths

Garden Perennials sc

by (author) A.R. Buckley

Harvest of Salmon

Adventures in Fishing the BC Coast

by (author) Zoë Landale

The School-Marm Tree

by (author) Howard O’Hagan

Rocky Mountain Wildlife

Ecology, Behavior, Identification & Distribution

by (author) Don Blood & Tom Hall

Timber Policy Issues in British Columbia

edited by William McKillop & Walter J. Mead

Uncertain Future of the Lower Fraser, The

edited by Anthony J.H. Dorcey

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