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The Kids: Are They Alright?

  • Age: 4 to 12
  • Grade: k to 7
(A recommended reading list by Philippa Dowding, whose latest novel for is FIREFLY.) ** What is it like for a child who lives with a parent or who knows an adult struggling with a crisis of mental health, addiction, or homelessness? Canadian children’s authors have written many moving, thoughtful books about kids coping with parents or adults in crisis. While writing my latest book Firefly, I read a lot of them (mostly pretty choked up). I couldn’t include them all, but here is a list of some of my favourite titles from recent years.

Celebrate Spring

  • Age: 1 to 12
  • Grade: p to 7
It’s almost spring! Celebrate with 10 recently released books all about nature, animals, the environment, and the joy of getting outside.

Black History & Black Lives

  • Age: 3 to 100
  • Grade: p to 17
Celebrate and honour Black History and Black Lives with this list of books, selected for use in K–12 classrooms.

Short Stories for Middle Grades

  • Age: 8 to 100
  • Grade: 3 to 9
tagged: short stories
Collection of books of short stories suitable for grades 6-8

Takaya's Legacy

  • Age: 3 to 8
  • Grade: p to 3
The remarkable story of Vancouver Island’s lone wolf, Takaya, is told in a lyrical picture book for infants, a beautiful picture book for young readers, and a stunning coffee table photography book for all ages.

Pam Withers' favorite YA novels

  • Age: 10 to 100
  • Grade: 6 to 17
These are my favorite recent YA novels, the best-written in my opinion, and I read dozens per month. Pam Withers (award-winning YA author at

Canadian Books of the Year

  • Age: 3 to 100
  • Grade: p to 17
We asked educators and librarians to share their favourite Canadian books of 2020. Here are their choices!


Written by Karee Walker – Paperback Picture Book A baby turtle is born on a beach alone. He grows and gains the strength to face his fears to find the power of believing in himself. The story Heights, gives parents the opportunity to share the message of building confidence and resilience in their child. This uplifting literary work the importance of identity, to be proud of who you are and confident in where you are going. ISBN: 978-0-9947538-2-3

A Likkle Cute'n in that Hat

Written by Karee Walker – Paperback Picture Book A cute baby boy discovers a basket of hats in his home. With his curiosity he begins to explore the many hats he can wear. From different sizes, shapes, styles and cultures. Wow! To the delight of his family they laugh and enjoy the blessing of his cute charisma and imagination. The illustrations of Karee Walker are beautiful, magnificent vibrant. With simple, lyrical words the charm and humour of this adventure will have you remembering the precious moments of childhood. ISBN: 978-0-9947538-4-7