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About 49th Kids

Imagine thousands of Canadian kids’ books, located in one place. They’re here, complete with a database you can search by genre, age range, grade level, or theme. Editors’ themed lists match great books to different kinds of readers. Blog series, Notes from a Children’s Librarian and Teaching With Canadian Books, pinpoint perfect selections for Canadian school curricula or themes. Teacher resources. Reading guides. And yes, giveaways too!

49th Kids is brought to you by, the website devoted to finding you your next great Canadian read.

Parents: Canadian kids deserve great Canadian books! We want to make it easier for you to find them. Whether your kid’s into fantasy, mysteries, or nature … whether they’re aged two, eight, or 15 … you can find the perfect book for them right here. Librarian-supplied data helps you narrow your search according to age and grade levels.

Librarians and teachers: You asked for better ways to locate Canadian books for your classrooms and libraries, and here it is! Our database is stocked with roughly 20,000 Canadian-authored books, hundreds of which have teacher resources attached to them. Search the site by subject area, age, or grade level. Browse our lists, all of which can be downloaded with ISBNs to make ordering easier than ever. And visit Top Grade, our preview and promotion program that helps you select the best new titles from Canadian publishers for your classroom or library.

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