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by (author) Candace Savage

A Ghost in the Water

by (author) Terry Glavin

Animal Victims in Modern Fiction

From Sanctity to Sacrifice

by (author) Marian Scholtmeijer

Peregrine Falcons

introduction by Adrian Forsyth
by (author) Candace Savage

Nature of Sea Otters, The

A Story of Survival

photographs by Jeff Foott
by (author) Stefani Paine

Une question d'equilibre

by (author) Dennis Minty

Finding the Balance

For Earths Sake

by (author) Dennis Minty

Polar Bear

text by Downs Matthews
photographs by Dan Guravich

Nature BC

An Illustrated Guide to Common Plants and Animals

by (author) James Kavanagh
illustrated by Raymond Leung & Linda Dunn

Protected Places

A History of Ontario's Provincial Parks System

by (author) Gerald Killan

The Mulch Pile

And Other Poems

by (author) Robert W. Nero
illustrated by James A. Carson

Animal Welfare and Human Values

by (author) Rod Preece & Lorna Chamberlain


An Illustrated Poem

by (author) James Savage

The Natural Alien

Humankind and Environment

by (author) Neil Evernden

Field Guide to Wild Flowers of Southern Europe

by (author) Paul Davies & Bob Gibbons

Tales from the Canadian Rockies

by (author) Brian Patton

Dangling Lines

The Fisheries Crisis and the Future of Coastal Communities: The Norwegian Experience

by (author) Svein Jentoft

The Green Economy

Environment, Sustainable Development and the Politics of the Future

by (author) Michael Jacobs

Fishing for a Living

by (author) Alan Haig-Brown

Grizzlies & White Guys

The Stories of Clayton Mack

edited by Harvey Thommasen
by (author) Clayton Mack

Grogan's Cafe

by (author) Peter Trower

Touch Wood

BC Forests at the Crossroads

edited by Ken Drushka, Bob Nixon & Ray Travers

Spring Wildflowers

by (author) Randall Olson & Albert Roland

Shorebirds of the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Dennis Paulson

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