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Coastal Lowland Wildflowers

by (author) Ted Underhill

Upland Field and Forest Wildflowers

by (author) Ted Underhill

Birds of Ontario (Vol. 1)

by (author) J. Murray Speirs
introduction by Robert Bateman

Birds of the Cottage Country

by (author) William C. Mansell
illustrated by William Blair Mansell & Sheila Smith


by (author) Frances Kilbourne
illustrated by Ann Powell

Tales of the Don

by (author) Charles Sauriol

Lets Dry It

by (author) Bernice Neff

Gold Along the Fraser

by (author) Loraine Harris

Just Bats

by (author) M. Brock Fenton

Flora of Alberta

by (author) E.H. Moss
revised by John Packer

An Address Book for Naturalists

Quotations Collected by Margaret Morse Nice

edited by Doris Huestis Speirs
illustrated by Sylvia Hahn

Cut and Run

The Assault on Canada’s Forests

by (author) Jamie Swift

Clancy & TidePool Friends

by (author) Carol Batdorf

Guide to Eastern Rocks and Minerals

by (author) James Grandy

Secrets of Striped Bass Fishing

by (author) D.W. Bennett

Eastern Wildflowers


by (author) Barrie Kavasch

Secrets of Bottom Fishing

by (author) Ed Ricciuti

Guide to Eastern Mushrooms

Guide to:

by (author) Barrie Kavasch

Fish of the Atlantic

by (author) Ed Ricciuti

Energy and the Quality of Life

Understanding Energy Policy

by (author) Clifford Hooker, Robert MacDonald, Robert van Hulst & Peter Victor

Remembering the Don

A Rare Record of Earlier Times Within the Don River Valley

by (author) Charles Sauriol

Environmental Strategy and Action

The Challenge of the World Conservation Strategy

by (author) Peter Jacobs


The Emerging Crisis in Canada

by (author) Harold Foster & W.R. Derrick Sewell

Orchids of North America

by (author) Dr William Petrie

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