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Manok / Chicken

by (author) Mailyne Briggs

Baking Wonderland

A Mix & Match Cookbook for Kids!

by (author) Jean Parker & Rachel Smith

Why Do Elephants Have Big Ears?

Questions — and Surprising Answers — About Animals

by (author) Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

Animals Illustrated: Arctic Fox

by (author) Brian Koonoo
illustrated by Joseph Starkey

Kaakuluk: Arctic Char!

edited by Inhabit Media

Kaakuluk: Arctic Wolves!

edited by Inhabit Media

Ableism: Deal With It

And appreciate everyone's abilities

by (author) Kimberly Maich
illustrated by Kay Nau

My Grandfather, My Grandmother and Doggie

by (author) Micheal (Mah'koos) Merrier

History Comics: World War II

Fight on the Home Front

by (author) Kate Hannigan
illustrated by Josh Rosen

What Is Your Name?

Bilingual Inuktitut and English Edition

by (author) Kukik Kusugak, Seth Naullaq Benjamin Arreak, Panigusiq Obed & Dominic Tegeapak
illustrated by Amiel Sandland

At the Poles

by (author) David Elliott
illustrated by Ellen Rooney

Wild Horses

Running Free

by (author) Linda L. Richards

Less Is More

Join the Low-Waste Movement

by (author) Leah Payne

Open Science

Knowledge for Everyone

by (author) Monique Polak
illustrated by Catherine Chan

The House of Wooden Santas

25th Anniversary

by (author) Kevin Major


by (author) Allen Niptanatiak
illustrated by Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall

Phoque annelé

by (author) William Flaherty
illustrated by Sara Otterstatter

Explorons l'espace

by (author) Québec Amérique

Et si on parlait de notre corps?

by (author) Jillian Roberts
illustrated by Jane Heinrichs
translated by Olivier Bilodeau

Pride and Persistence

Stories of Queer Activism

by (author) Mary Fairhurst Breen

More than Words

Navigating the Complex World of Communication

by (author) Natalie Hyde & Valerie Sherrard
illustrated by David Jardine

Saving the Spotted Owl

Zalea’s Story

by (author) Nicola Jones
illustrated by Alexandra Finkeldey

Operation Cupcake

How Simple Machines Work

illustrated by Bambi Edlund

Think Like a Goat

The Wildly Smart Ways Animals Communicate, Cooperate and Innovate

by (author) Lisa Deresti Betik
illustrated by Alexander Mostov

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