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Clayoquot & Dissent

edited by Ron Hatch

The Last Cast

Fishing Reminiscences

by (author) Rafe Mair

The View From Foley Mountain

by (author) Peri Phillips McQuay

Guide to Northeast Wild Edibles

by (author) Barrie Kavash

The Canadian Cowboy

Stories of Cows, Cowboys and Cayuses

by (author) Andy Russell

Killer Whales

The Natural History and Genealogy of Orcinus orca in British Columbia and Washington State

by (author) Graeme M. Ellis & Kenneth C. Balcomb

195 Lakes of the Fraser Valley Vol I

Vancouver to Stave Falls

by (author) Ed Rychkun

Ninety Fathoms Down

Canadian Stories of the Great Lakes

by (author) Mark Bourrie

The Story of Island Copper

by (author) Craig Aspinall

The Working Forest of British Columbia

by (author) The Working Forest Project

Grand River Reflections

by (photographer) John Visser

Physiological Ecology of Pacific Salmon

by (author) Cornelis Groot
edited by Leo Margolis

Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment

edited by Peter Morris & Riki Therivel

Hawking with Golden Eagles

by (author) Martin Hollinshead

Some Time with Eagles & Falcons

by (author) Jerry Olsen

Cheng & the Golden Pheasant

The biography of Cheng Tso-Hsin by Yang Qun-Rong

by (author) Yang Qun-Rong

People and Environment

Development for the Future

edited by Stephen Morse & Michael Stocking

195 Lakes of the Fraser Valley Vol II

Dewdney to Hope

by (author) Ed Rychkun

Saltwater Fly Fishing

For Pacific Salmon

by (author) Barry Thornton

Victorias Shore Dives

Ocean Shore Diving in British Columbia, Canada

by (author) Inigo Novales Flamarique & Mike Hendry

Eastern Coyote

by (author) Gerry Parker

Wildlife of Nova Scotia

by (author) Julie Towers

Masters of the Ocean Realm

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

by (author) John Heyning

Yukon Gold

High Hopes and dashed Dreams

by (author) James Preyde & Susan Preyde

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