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Our Obsession with Possession

by (author) Paul Berton

Behavioral Science in the Wild

edited by Nina Mažar & Dilip Soman

Reason and Less

Pursuing Food, Sex, and Politics

by (author) Vinod Goel

All We Want

Building the Life We Cannot Buy

by (author) Michael Harris

How to Win Friends and Influence People

by (author) Dale Carnegie & Terry O'Reilly

The Canadian Book Consumer 2016

Subscriber Edition

compiled by BookNet Canada

Shopping for Change

Consumer Activism and the Possibilities of Purchasing Power

edited by Louis Hyman & Joseph Tohill

The Canadian Book Consumer 2015

Annual Report

compiled by BookNet Canada

The Canadian Book Consumer 2013

Book Purchases by Channel

compiled by BookNet Canada

Sharing is Good (PDF)

How to Save Money, Time and Resources through Collaborative Consumption

by (author) Beth Buczynski

Measuring Attitudes and Adoption of Digital Content for Kids and Teens

compiled by BookNet Canada

The Art of Complaining

Canada's Consumer Action Guide

by (author) Phil Edmonston

The Canadian Book Consumer 2012

Book-Buying Behaviour in Canada January to June 2012

compiled by BookNet Canada

Consumer Republic

Using Brands to Get What You Want, Make Corporations Behave, and Maybe Even Save the World

by (author) Bruce Philp

The Consuming Instinct

What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature

by (author) Gad Saad
foreword by David M. Buss

Fostering Sustainable Behavior

An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing (Third Edition)

by (author) Doug McKenzie-Mohr

Rebel Sell

Why The Culture Can't Be Jammed

by (author) Joseph Heath & Andrew Potter

The $12 Million Stuffed Shark

The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art

by (author) Don Thompson

Let Them Eat Junk

How Capitalism Creates Hunger and Obesity

by (author) Robert Albritton

The Ego Boom

Why the World Really Does Revolve Around You

by (author) Steve Maich & Lianne George

The New Old

How the Boomers Are Changing Everything ... Again

by (author) David Cravit

Blockbusters and Trade Wars

Popular Culture in a Globalized World

by (author) Peter Grant & Chris Wood

Generation Deluxe

Consumerism and Philanthropy of the New Super-Rich

by (author) Iris Nowell

Urge to Splurge, The

A Social History of Shopping

by (author) Laura Byrne Paquet

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