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Rebellion’s Daughter

by (author) Judi Coburn

Algonquin Legacy

An Algonquin Quest Novel

by (author) Rick Revelle

In a Heartbeat

by (author) Markus Harwood-Jones

Jamilah at the End of the World

by (author) Mary-Lou Zeitoun

Both Sides Now

by (author) Peyton Thomas

Sisters of the Wolf

by (author) Patricia Miller-Schroeder

Sanctuary Trilogy

Sanctuary; Containment; Salvation

by (author) Caryn Lix

Blood Donor

by (author) Karen Bass

Sink or Swim

by (author) Tash McAdam

I Dare You

by (author) Jeff Ross

The Dark Side of Tranquility

by (author) Susana Aclan

Facing the Sun

by (author) Janice Lynn Mather

No One's Baby

by (author) Wanda Lauren Taylor

The Silver Blonde

by (author) Elizabeth Ross

I Am Not Starfire

by (author) Mariko Tamaki
illustrated by Yoshi Yoshitani

Jolly Olde Teenage ALIEN

by (author) Jane Greenhill

Surviving Planet Zorone

by (author) Jane Greenhill

Wings of Shadow

by (author) Nicki Pau Preto


by (author) Teri Terry

Star-Struck Teenage ALIEN

by (author) Jane Greenhill

Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer

A Trickster Land Claim Fable

by (author) Kevin Loring


by (author) Edoardo Maturo
translated by Sándor Anthony Vezér
illustrated by Meredith Wolting
cover design or artwork by Alice Iuri
general editor Claudia Tavernese
prepared for publication by TheWorldofDot

The Medusa Deep

by (author) David Neil Lee

Blood Like Magic

by (author) Liselle Sambury

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