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My Indian Summer

A Novel

by (author) Joseph Kakwinokanasum

Made 4 You

by (author) Eric Walters

The Sleeping Giant

by (author) Tammy Lowe

Bone Weaver

by (author) Aden Polydoros

Until We Break

by (author) Matthew Dawkins

Behind the Label

Gloria & Willa

by (author) Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Running Through It

by (author) Lorie Scarfarotti

As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow

by (author) Zoulfa Katouh


by (author) Sara Cassidy

Blood Like Duology (Boxed Set)

Blood Like Magic; Blood Like Fate

by (author) Liselle Sambury

A Blanket of Butterflies

by (author) Richard Van Camp
illustrated by Scott B. Henderson, Donovan Yaciuk & Nickolej Villiger

Meet Me in Mumbai

by (author) Sabina Khan

Daughters of the Dawn

by (author) Sasha Nanua & Sarena Nanua

Not Talking About You

by (author) Kevin heronJones

Escape from the Wildfire

by (author) Dorothy Bentley

Why Are You Still Here?

A Lillian Mystery

by (author) Lynda Partridge

Faded Glimpses of Time

The Tempus Trilogy

by (author) Nyah Nichol

Fantastic Frights

edited by Evan Waterman

Silencing Rebecca

by (author) Nikki Vogel

Evangeline's Heaven

A Novel

by (author) Jen Braaksma

Over My Dead Body

A Witchy Graphic Novel

illustrated by Sweeney Boo


A Novel

by (author) Cyla Panin

Counting Scars

by (author) Melinda Anne Di Lorenzo

Counting Scars

by (author) Melinda Di Lorenzo

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