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Young Adult Fiction General


by (author) T.R. Simmons

The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Initial publish date
Nov 2023
  • eBook

    Publish Date
    Nov 2023
    List Price
    $4.99 USD

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Atarah is a high school tomboy and a stellar athlete, but of below average height and beauty. This is a problem when everyone’s physical attributes and popularity are ranked by an AI computer called Big Social. Atarah has five days before the Crush-it dance to find her secret admirer and become popular or she will have little chance of acceptance to a top university and their romantic reality shows. A cryptic message warns Atarah that Big Social’s selfish protocols for human happiness is killing Earth. A plan to subvert the AI will require Atarah to find true love.

About the author

TR Simmons writes science fiction/fantasy novels that blur lines between possible worlds and the paranormal. His characters expand our understanding of what it means to be human living in revolutionary times. In this way, a thread of irony runs in tandem with his protagonists. His publication, Evolutionary Digital Environment Net describes a global solution for climate change using a general AI that is the personification of the natural environment. This is a source for his fiction writing. He has lived real-world experiences as an activist, political theorist, entrepreneur, politician, writer, husband, and father. He is also an avid motorcyclist and lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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