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by (author) M.J. McIsaac

Star Eaters

by (author) Brooke Carter

Then Everything Happens at Once

by (author) M.-.E. Girard

Queen Among the Dead

by (author) Lesley Livingston

The Everlasting Road

by (author) Wab Kinew

Who Owns the Clouds?

by (author) Mario Brassard
illustrated by Gérard DuBois

Be With Me

by (author) Jessica Cunsolo

City of Nightmares

by (author) Rebecca Schaeffer

Davidee Goes to the Arctic Winter Games

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Ryan Lahti
illustrated by Shannon Potratz

Ancient Ghosts

A Collection of Strange and Scary Stories from Northern Norway

by (author) Edel Marit Gaino
translated by Olivia Lasky & Lea Simma
illustrated by Toma Feizo Gas

Cave Beneath the Sea

by (author) Edward Willett

Lake in the Clouds

by (author) Edward Willett

Song of the Sword

by (author) Edward Willett

Twist of the Blade

by (author) Edward Willett

Door into Faerie

by (author) Edward Willett

The Big Reveal

by (author) Jen Larsen

Iron Hearts and Dragon Magic

by (author) Day Leitao

Master of One

by (author) Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett


by (author) Nandi Taylor

Silver in the Mist

by (author) Emily Victoria

Knight of the Rails

by (author) Christine Welldon

Tunnels of Treachery

Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #3

by (author) Mary Harelkin Bishop
edited by Deana Driver
illustrated by Wendi Nordell

Road of the Lost

by (author) Nafiza Azad

Love from Mecca to Medina

by (author) S.K. Ali

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