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Towards Positive Systems of Child and Family Welfare

International Comparisons of Child Protection, Family Service, and Community Caring Systems

edited by Nancy Freymond & Gary Cameron

Social Fabric or Patchwork Quilt

The Development of Social Policy in Canada

edited by Raymond B. Blake & Jeffrey Keshen


Rethinking the Responsibilities and Rights of Citizenship

by (author) Paul Kershaw

Problems of Change in Urban Government

by (author) M.O. Dickerson, S. Drabek & John Woods

The Welfare State in Canada

A Selected Bibliography, 1840 to 1978

by (author) Allan Moscovitch
assisted by Theresa Jennissen & Peter Findlay

The Challenge of Children’s Rights for Canada

by (author) Katherine Covell & R. Brian Howe

Irrelevant or Indispensable?

The United Nations in the Twenty-first Century

edited by Paul Heinbecker & Patricia Goff

Promoting Resilience in Child Welfare

edited by Robert J. Flynn, Peter M. Dudding & James G. Barber

Wellness and Work

Employee Assistance Programming in Canada

edited by Rick Csiernik

Tending the Gardens of Citizenship

Child Saving in Toronto, 1880s-1920s

by (author) Xiaobei Chen

Confronting Fragmentation

Housing and Urban Development in a Democratising Society

by (author) Philip Harrison, Marie Huchzermeyer & Mzwanele Mayekiso

Money in Their Own Name

The Feminist Voice in Poverty Debate in Canada, 1970-1995

by (author) Wendy McKeen

Gendered States

Women, Unemployment Insurance, and the Political Economy of the Welfare State in Canada, 1945-1997

by (author) Ann Porter

Governing Charities

Church and State in Toronto's Catholic Archdiocese, 1850-1950

by (author) Paula Maurutto


Why Good Social Policy Ideas Go Bad

by (author) Maeve Quaid

Welfare Hot Buttons

Women, Work, and Social Policy Reform

by (author) Sylvia Bashevkin

Building the Social Union

Perspectives, Directions & Challenges

edited by T.O.M. MCINTOSH

Pensions Under Attack

What's Behind the Push to Privatize Public Pensions

by (author) Monica Townson

Engendering The State

Family, Work, and Welfare in Canada

by (author) Nancy Christie

Changing Politics of Canadian Social Policy

by (author) Michael J. Prince & James J. Rice

Changing Politics of Canadian Social Policy

by (author) Michael J. Prince & James J. Rice

Basic Income

Economic Security For All Canadians

by (author) Sally Lerner, Charles Clark & Robert Needham

Confronting the Cuts

A Sourcebook for Women in Ontario

edited by Luciana Ricciutelli, June Larkin & Eimear O'Neill

The Expanding Prison

The Crisis in Crime and Punishment and the Search for Alternatives

by (author) David Cayley

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