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Should We Tax the Rich More?

The Munk Debate on Economic Inequality

by (author) George Papandreou, Newt Gingrich, Arthur Laffer & Paul Krugman

Health Systems in Transition

Canada, Second Edition

by (author) Gregory Marchildon

Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics

edited by Keith Banting & John Myles

Canadian Social Policy, Fifth Edition

Issues and Perspectives

edited by Anne Westhues & Brian Wharf

Privilege and Policy

A History of Community Clinics in Saskatchewan

by (author) Stan Rands
edited by Gregory P. Marchildon & Catherine Leviten-Reid

Racing to the Bottom?

Provincial Interdependence in the Canadian Federation

edited by Kathryn Harrison


A Contemporary Analysis of Policies, Programs, and Practices

by (author) Katharine Kelly & Tullio Caputo

Fostering Nation?

Canada Confronts Its History of Childhood Disadvantage

by (author) Veronica Strong-Boag

The Traffic in Babies

Cross-Border Adoption and Baby-Selling between the United States and Canada, 1930-1972

by (author) Karen Balcom

The Social Origins of the Welfare State

Quebec Families, Compulsory Education, and Family Allowances, 1940-1955

by (author) Dominique Marshall
translated by Nicola Doone Danby

Fostering Nation?

Canada Confronts Its History of Childhood Disadvantage

by (author) Veronica Strong-Boag

Solitary Courage

Mona Winberg and the Triumph over Disability

by (author) Mona Winberg
with J. Patrick Boyer

Enduring Empire

Ancient Lessons for Global Politics

edited by David Tabachnick & Toivo Koivukoski

Aboriginal Canada Revisited

edited by Kerstin Knopf

Taking Responsibility for Children

edited by Robert Noggle & Samantha Brennan

Exporting Good Governance

Temptations and Challenges in Canada’s Aid Program

edited by Jennifer Welsh & Ngaire Woods

Social Policy and the Ethic of Care

by (author) Olena Hankivsky

A Question of Commitment

Children's Rights in Canada

edited by R. Brian Howe & Katherine Covell

Moving Toward Positive Systems of Child and Family Welfare

Current Issues and Future Directions

edited by Gary Cameron, Nick Coady & Gerald R. Adams

Informal Settlements

A Perpetual Challenge?

edited by Marie Huchzermeyer & Aly Karam

Looking After Children

A Practitioner's Guide

by (author) Raymond Lemay & Hayat Ghazal

Multiculturalism and the Welfare State

Recognition and Redistribution in Contemporary Democracies

edited by Keith Banting & Will Kymlicka

Gender, the State, and Social Reproduction

Household Insecurity in Neo-Liberal Times

by (author) Kate Bezanson

Healthy Democracies

Welfare Politics in Taiwan and South Korea

by (author) Joseph Wong

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