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About Canada: Health and Illness, 3rd Edition

by (author) Dennis Raphael

Decolonising Social Work in Finland

Racialisation and Practices of Care

contributions by Merja Anis, Fadumo Dayib, Holly Hatton-Bowers, Eveliina Heino, Joa Hiitola, Koko Hubara, Maija Jäppinen, Hanna Kara, Annika Lillrank, Anni-Kristiina Juuso, Enni Mikkonen, Wambui Njuguna, Camilla Nordberg, Nana Osei-Kofi, Priscilla Osei, Saana Raittila-Salo, Lena Sawyer, Inka Söderström, Kati Turtiainen, Michael Yellow Bird & Smarika KC
edited by Kris Clarke, Leece Lee-Oliver & Satu Ranta-Tyrkkö

Ending Homelessness in Canada

The Case for Homelessness Prevention

edited by James Hughes

Reablement in Long-term Care for Older People

International Perspectives and Future Directions

contributions by Amy Clotworthy, Daniel Doh, Elissa Burton, Fiona Aspinal, Gill Lewin, Hilary O'Connell, Jette Thuesen, Lea Graff, Magnus Zingmark, Maria Ranner, Marte Feiring, Michelle Nelson, Miia Rahja, Oddvar Førland, Rudi Westendorp, Silke Friederike Metzelthin & Susanne Guidetti
edited by Tine Rostgaard, John Parsons & Hanne Tuntland

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Victim Journey

contributions by Anne-Marie Greenslade, Anta Brachou, Kathryn Hodges, Sarah Burch, Ruth Van Dyke, Mike Dottridge, Anna Westin, Imogen Fell, Sasha Jesperson, Rune Heriksen, Craig Barlow, Diem-Tu Tran, Karen Sanders, Jon Hackett, Neena Samota, Debbie Ariyo, Karen Anstiss, Colleen Theron & Trevor Stammers
edited by Carole Murphy & Runa Lazzarino

Pandemic Societies

edited by Jean-Louis Denis, Catherine Régis & Daniel M. Weinstock
with Clara Champagne


Populism, Polarization and Power in the New Saskatchewan

edited by JoAnn Jaffe, Patricia W. Elliott & Cora Sellers

The Case for Basic Income

Freedom, Security, Justice

by (author) Jamie Swift & Elaine Power
foreword by Danielle Martin

Land of Stark Contrasts

Faith-Based Responses to Homelessness in the United States

contributions by Manuel Mejido Costoya, Paul H. Blankenship, Margaret Breen, Jeremy Brown, Sathianathan Clarke, John A. Coleman, María Teresa Dávila, Michael R. Fisher, Nancy Khalil, Lauren Lawson, Roberto Mata, Bruce Miller, James Spickard & Laura Stivers

Universality and Social Policy in Canada

edited by Daniel Béland, Gregory Marchildon & Michael J. Prince

Community Chest

A Case Study in Philanthropy

by (author) John R. Seeley, B.H. Junker, R.W. Jones Jr., N.C. Jenkins, M.T. Haugh & I. Miller

Society and Pauperism

English Ideas on Poor Relief, 1795-1834

by (author) J.R. Poynter

Policy Transformation in Canada

Is the Past Prologue?

edited by Carolyn Tuohy, Sophie Borwein, Peter John Loewen & Andrew Potter

Social Welfare in Ontario 1791-1893

A Study of Public Welfare Administration

by (author) Richard Splane

This May Hurt a Bit

Reinventing Canada's Health Care System

by (author) Stephen Skyvington
foreword by Brian Day

Welfare and Wisdom

edited by John Morgan

Basic Income for Canadians

The key to a healthier, happier, more secure life for all

by (author) Evelyn L. Forget

Beyond Shelters

Solutions to Homelessness in Canada from the Front Lines

by (author) James Hughes

Small Cities, Big Issues

Reconceiving Community in a Neoliberal Era

edited by Christopher Walmsley & Terry Kading

New Brunswick before the Equal Opportunity Program

History through a Social Work Lens

by (author) Laurel Lee Lewey, Louis J. Richard & Linda M. Turner

Corporatizing Canada

Making Business out of Public Service

edited by Jamie Brownlee, Chris Hurl & Kevin Walby

Working towards Equity

Disability Rights Activism and Employment in Late Twentieth-Century Canada

by (author) Dustin Galer

Federalism and Decentralization in Health Care

A Decision Space Approach

edited by Gregory Marchildon & Thomas J. Bossert

Treating Health Care

How the Canadian System Works and How It Could Work Better

by (author) Raisa Deber

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