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Economic Analysis of Environmental Policies

by (author) Donald Dewees, C.K. Everson & William Sims


British Columbia's Commercial Fishing History

by (author) Joseph Forester & Anne Forester

Note Book Canada Geese

by (author) David Hancock

Bird Watching in Canada

Where to go

by (author) David Stirling & Jim Woodford

Pacific Wilderness

by (author) David Sterling & Lyn Hancock

Ho for the Klondike

A Whimsical Look at the Years 1897-1898

by (author) James B. Stanton

The Land of Peter Pond

edited by John J. Chalmers
maps by G.A. Lester

Birds of British Columbia

by (author) David Hancock & David Stirling

Economic Thinking and Pollution Problems

by (author) Douglas Auld

Etudes sur la Geographie du Canada

edited by Fernand Grenier

Residential Water Demand

Alternative Choices for Management

by (author) Angelo P. Grima

Canada's Water: For Sale?

by (author) Richard C. Bocking

Taxonomy of Fungi Imperfecti

Proceedings of the First International Specialists' Workshop Conference on Criteria and Terminology in the Classification of Fungi Imperfecti, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

edited by Bryce Kendrick

Beyond the River and the Bay

Some Observations on the State of the Canadian Northwest in 1811 with a View to Providing the Intending Settler with an Intimate Knowledge of That Country

by (author) Eric Ross

Pacific Northwest Ferns and Their Allies

by (author) Thomas M.C. Taylor

Permafrost in Canada

Its Influence on Northern Development

by (author) Roger Brown

Adventure With Eagles

by (author) David Hancock

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