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The Legend

by (author) Jean Mills

A Soft Place to Fall

by (author) Tanya Christenson

Second Chances

by (author) Harriet Zaidman

When You Least Expect It

by (author) Lorna Schultz Nicholson

The Degrees of Barley Lick

by (author) Susan Flanagan


by (author) Kate Story

What Happens Next?

Readers Decide Which Story Becomes A Book

by (author) Marie-Hélène Lebeault

Lies My Memory Told Me

by (author) Sacha Wunsch

Hunting by Stars

(A Marrow Thieves Novel)

by (author) Cherie Dimaline

Pass Me By: Electric Vice

by (author) Kyle Simmers & Ryan Danny Owen
illustrated by Simmers Kyle

River Mermaid

by (author) Christy Goerzen

The Delusionist

by (author) Don Calame

Under the Iron Bridge

by (author) Kathy Kacer

Tunnels of Terror

Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #2

by (author) Mary Harelkin Bishop
edited by Deana Driver
illustrated by Wendi Nordell

The City Beautiful

by (author) Aden Polydoros

I Hope You're Listening

by (author) Tom Ryan

Lessons In Fusion

A Novel

by (author) Primrose Madayag Knazan

When Villains Rise

by (author) Rebecca Schaeffer

I'm Good and Other Lies

by (author) Bev Katz Rosenbaum

Coffee Shop Between the Verses

by (author) Éric Desmarais

Walking in Two Worlds

by (author) Wab Kinew

Names in a Jar

by (author) Jennifer Gold

He Who Dreams

by (author) Melanie Florence

Stalking Shadows

by (author) Cyla Panin

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