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Death's Shadow

True Tales of Homicide

by (author) Jon Wells

Dancing with the Vodka Terrorists

Misadventures in the 'Stans

by (author) Rob Ferguson

Maritime Murder

Deadly Crimes from the Buried Past

by (author) Steve Vernon

The Slaidburn Angel

by (author) M. Sheelagh Whittaker

The Shafia Honour Killing Trial

The Full Story of a Crime That Shook the Nation

by (author) Michael Friscolanti & Maclean's

Cold North Killers

Canadian Serial Murder

by (author) Lee Mellor

Bandido Massacre, The

A True Story Of Bikers, Brotherhood And Be

by (author) Peter Edwards

Toronto Murders

Mysteries, Crimes and Scandals

by (author) Susan McNicoll


The Mysterious Death of Canadian Mining Magnate Sir Harry Oakes

by (author) Cheryl MacDonald

The Death of Albert Johnson

Mad Trapper of Rat River

by (author) Frank W. Anderson

On the Farm

Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing Women

by (author) Stevie Cameron

Who Killed Janet Smith?

by (author) Edward Starkins
introduction by Daniel Francis

Camouflaged Killer

by (author) David A. Gibb

Dirty Thirties Desperadoes

Forgotten Victims of the Great Depression

by (author) Rich Mole

British Columbia Murders

Notorious Cases and Unsolved Mysteries

by (author) Susan McNicoll


Twelve True Stories of Homicide in Canada

by (author) Edward Butts

Remember Me

The Charles Morgan Blessing Story

by (author) Mervyn Dykes


True Canadian Cold Cases

by (author) Robert J. Hoshowsky

Bandido Massacre

A True Story of Bikers, Brotherhood and Betrayal

by (author) Peter Edwards

Chris & Nancy

The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling's Cocktail of Death

by (author) Irvin Muchnick

Unsolved Murders of Canada

The Unending Quest to Solve Canada's Unsolved Murders

by (author) Lisa Wojna

Final Appeal

Anatomy of a Frame

by (author) Colin Thatcher

Line of Fire

Heroism, Tragedy, and Canada's Police

by (author) Edward Butts

Paper Cows

& More Saskatchewan Crime Stories

by (author) Barb Pacholik & Jana G. Pruden

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