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Crimes of Passion

An Unblinking Look At Murderous Love

by (author) Howard Engel & H. Engel

Murderous Minds on Trial

Terrible Tales from a Forensic Psychiatrist's Casebook

by (author) Stanley Semrau & Judy Gale

Trials and Errors

The People vs Brian Gordon Jack

by (author) John D. Montgomery
introduction by Hon Alfred M. Monnin

Uncertain Justice

Canadian Women and Capital Punishment, 1754-1953

by (author) F. Murray Greenwood & Beverley Boissery

A Dance with Death

Canadian Women on the Gallows

by (author) Frank Anderson

Twisting in the Wind

The Murderess and the English Press

by (author) Judith Knelman

Watch the Rope

by (author) William E. Morriss

She Was Only Three

The Trials of John James Jr.

by (author) Jack Montgomery

By Reason of Insanity

The David Michael Krueger Story

by (author) Mark Bourrie

Invisible Darkness

The Horrifying Case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

by (author) Stephen Williams

The Death of Old Man Rice

A True Story of Criminal Justice in America

by (author) Martin Friedland

Fatal Prescription

A Doctor without Remorse - A True Story

by (author) John Griffiths & Shelly Charalambus

Lethal Marriage

The Unspeakable Crimes Of Paul Bernardo And Karla Homolka

by (author) Nick Pron

Deadly Encounters

True Crime Stories of Alberta

by (author) Barbara Smith

Who Killed George?

The Ordeal of Olive Sternaman

by (author) Cheryl MacDonald

Revenge of the Land

A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm

by (author) Maggie Siggins

The Death of Albert Johnson

Mad Trapper of Rat River

by (author) F.W. Anderson & Art Downs

By Reason of Doubt

by (author) Ellen Godfrey

The Bad and the Lonely

Seven Stories of the Best--and Worst--Canadian Outlaws

by (author) Martin Robin

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