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Befriend and Betray

Infiltrating the Hells Angels, Bandidos and Other Criminal Brotherhoods

by (author) Alex Caine

Fallen Officers

Canadian Police in the Line of Fire

by (author) Peter Boer

The Class Project How to Kill a Mother

The True Story of Canada's Infamous Bathtub Girls

by (author) Bob Mitchell

Deadly Canadian Women

The Stories Behind the Crimes of Canada's Most Notorious Women

by (author) Patricia MacQuarrie

Sour Milk

& Other Saskatchewan Crime Stories

by (author) Barb Pacholik & Jana G. Pruden

Wrongfully Convicted

The Innocent in Canada

by (author) Peter Boer


The Disappeared, Lost or Abducted in Canada

by (author) Lisa Wojna

The Last to Die

Ronald Turpin, Arthur Lucas, and the End of Capital Punishment in Canada

by (author) Robert J. Hoshowsky
foreword by Peter C. Newman

Who Named the Knife

by (author) Linda Spalding

Angels of Death

Inside the Bikers' Empire of Crime

by (author) William Marsden & Julian Sher

Canadian Crime Investigations

Hunting Down Serial Killers

by (author) Peter Boer

Starlight Tour

The Last, Lonely Night of Neil Stonechild

by (author) Susanne Reber & Robert Renaud

Cold Lead

The Life, Times and Death of 1890s Killer Tom Blanck

by (author) Mark Dugan

Dead Man in Paradise

by (author) J.B. MacKinnon

Death in the Queen City

Clara Ford on Trial, 1895

by (author) Patrick Brode

The Road to Hell

How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada

by (author) Julian Sher & William Marsden

Beyond Redemption

The People vs Lucas and Bender

by (author) John D. Montgomery


A Pact With the Devil

by (author) Stephen Williams

Ontario Murders

Mysteries, Scandals, and Dangerous Criminals

by (author) Susan McNicoll

Hitching a Ride

The Unsolved Murder of Dana Bradley

by (author) Darrin McGrath

Dark Paths Cold Trails

by (author) Doug Clark

Murderous Women

True Tales of Women Who Killed

by (author) Frank Jones

Men of Blood

Murder in Everyday Life

by (author) Elliott Leyton

Into the Night

The Samantha Walsh Story

by (author) Gordon Walsh

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