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by (author) Jon Wells

Through the Eyes of Serial Killers

Interviews with Seven Murderers

by (author) Nadia Fezzani

Jon Wells Three-Book Bundle

Vanished, Poison and Sniper

by (author) Jon Wells

Notorious Ontario

Outlaws, Criminals & Gangsters

by (author) Maria da Silva & Andrew Hind

The Lynching of Peter Wheeler

by (author) Debra Komar


Cold Blooded Murder In Steel

by (author) Jon Wells


by (author) Jon Wells

Entangled Roots

The Mystery of Peterborough's Headless Corpse

by (author) Bev Lundahl

Charlie and the Angels

The Outlaws, the Hells Angels and the Sixty Years War

by (author) Alex Caine


Justice at Last for Yvette Budram

by (author) Jon Wells


The True Story of Anti-Abortion Killer James Kopp

by (author) Jon Wells


The True Story of a Sibling Murder

by (author) Jerry Langton

East Coast Murders

Mysteries, Crimes and Scandals

by (author) Allison Finnamore

Thugs, Thieves, and Outlaws

Alberta Crime Stories

by (author) Ryan Cormier

Boiling Point and Cold Cases

More Saskatchewan Crime Stories

by (author) Barb Pacholik & Jana G. Pruden

Wrong Side of the Law

True Stories of Crime

by (author) Edward Butts

Practically Perfect

Killers Who Got Away with Murder ... for a While

by (author) Dale Brawn


Cold-Blooded Murder in Steeltown

by (author) Jon Wells


From Steeltown to the Punjab, The True Story of a Serial Killer

by (author) Jon Wells

The Ballad of Jacob Peck

by (author) Debra Komar

Without Honour

by (author) Rob Tripp


Canadian Mass Murder and Spree Killing

by (author) Lee Mellor

Without Honour

The True Story of the Shafia Family and the Kingston Canal Murders

by (author) Rob Tripp

What Happened to Mickey?

The Life and Death of Donald "Mickey" McDonald, Public Enemy No. 1

by (author) Peter McSherry

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