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Teaching with Canadian Books

Professional teachers weigh in on working with Canadian books in the classroom

14 Can't-Miss Middle Grade Books

by Sarah Campbell

I just finished reading two middle grade books that I loved so much, I would say they could be the best books I’ve read in a long time, and I read a …

Six New Kids' Books with LGBTQ+ Characters & Themes

by Spencer Miller

Studying LGBTQ+ characters and themes should begin in the earliest grades and continue through high school. Teach from books that combat stereotypes, …

Books that Inspire Students to Overcome Adversity

by Spencer Miller

For students who are quietly fighting battles at school each day, it can be powerful and validating to read about a character going through a similar …

Six New Graphic Novels That Teach Historical Events

by Spencer Miller

Writers and illustrators of historical stories are particularly skilled at introducing challenging topics with thoughtfulness and understanding. Where …

All About STEM Books + Classroom Ideas

by Spencer Miller

Books give important context to the concepts students are learning about in STEM classes. By promoting reading, not only are they helping their students …

New Picture Books + Classroom Ideas

by Spencer Miller

You are never too old for picture books. I found a renewed interest in picture books while taking a course in children’s literature at university. As …

A Note of Appreciation: Ontario Public Library Week

by Linda Ludke

Anyone who works in a library will undoubtedly have stories to tell about memorable items dropped off in book return chutes — in addition to books. …

Reading for Reconciliation

by Spencer Miller

Books are a powerful tool for teaching towards reconciliation. Guided by the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, teachers should …

Building a Classroom Library

by Spencer Miller

Every teacher should have a classroom library, regardless of what subject they teach. Every classroom benefits from books, and all teachers can support …

Inclusive Learning, Diverse Books: Introducing Top Grade 2021

by Spencer Miller

Welcome to the Association for Canadian publisher’s Top Grade: CanLit for the Classroom, a blog and preview video series that features new releases …

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