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Teaching with Canadian Books

Professional teachers weigh in on working with Canadian books in the classroom

Reading for Reconciliation

by Spencer Miller

Books are a powerful tool for teaching towards reconciliation. Guided by the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, teachers should …

Building a Classroom Library

by Spencer Miller

Every teacher should have a classroom library, regardless of what subject they teach. Every classroom benefits from books, and all teachers can support …

Inclusive Learning, Diverse Books: Introducing Top Grade 2021

by Spencer Miller

Welcome to the Association for Canadian publisher’s Top Grade: CanLit for the Classroom, a blog and preview video series that features new releases …

Tough Like Mum: An Essential Picture Book for Kids *and* Adults

by Geoffrey Ruggero

Picture books are often written with young children as their intended audience. In Tough Like Mum, Lana Button provides adults with important messaging …

I Read Canadian Day is back!

by Geoffrey Ruggero

It’s back! After a very successful first year where authors, students, educators, librarians, parents and many other Canadians came together to promote …

Canadian Books of the Year: Chosen by Educators and Librarians

by 49th Teachers

We asked educators and librarians to share their favourite Canadian books of 2020.

Book Review: The Boy Who Moved Christmas by Eric Walters & Nicole Wellwood

by Geoffrey Ruggero

The Boy Who Moved Christmas is a beautiful story of a community coming together to grant the wish of a young boy battling cancer. It brings about the …

COVID–19 Teacher Diary: Making the Best of Back to School 2020

by Jonelle St. Aubyn

When school ended on March 13th due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching as I knew it was about to change dramatically. We went from teaching and learning …

COVID–19 Teacher Diary: Teachers, Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourselves

by Allison Hall

This summer has not been as per usual: a time to rest, reflect and plan for the upcoming school year. As an avid reader of historical plague novels, it …

COVID–19 Teacher Diary: On Reopening Schools Without Libraries

by Jennifer Byrne

We’ve waited so long for some sense of a return to normalcy. Now, with schools on the cusp of reopening, they do so under the rightful scrutiny of anxious …

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