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Teaching with Canadian Books

Professional teachers weigh in on working with Canadian books in the classroom

Books for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

by Spencer Miller

This year, I want to invite you and your students to become readers of Indigenous literature.

Seven Picture Books with Big Feelings

by Sarah Campbell

Help little ones learn to sit with big feelings

8 New Picture Books for Storytime

by Spencer Miller

With a new school year approaching, you may be preparing to select some new picture books for your classroom storytime. With so many to choose from, it …

Five Ways to Keep Kids Reading this Summer

by Spencer Miller

Summertime is here! Instead of resting and relaxing, you’re worried about replying to that email in your inbox from a parent looking for advice on how …

14 Can't-Miss Middle Grade Books

by Sarah Campbell

I just finished reading two middle grade books that I loved so much, I would say they could be the best books I’ve read in a long time, and I read a …

Six New Kids' Books with LGBTQ+ Characters & Themes

by Spencer Miller

Studying LGBTQ+ characters and themes should begin in the earliest grades and continue through high school. Teach from books that combat stereotypes, …

Books that Inspire Students to Overcome Adversity

by Spencer Miller

For students who are quietly fighting battles at school each day, it can be powerful and validating to read about a character going through a similar …

Six New Graphic Novels That Teach Historical Events

by Spencer Miller

Writers and illustrators of historical stories are particularly skilled at introducing challenging topics with thoughtfulness and understanding. Where …

All About STEM Books + Classroom Ideas

by Spencer Miller

Books give important context to the concepts students are learning about in STEM classes. By promoting reading, not only are they helping their students …

New Picture Books + Classroom Ideas

by Spencer Miller

You are never too old for picture books. I found a renewed interest in picture books while taking a course in children’s literature at university. As …

A Note of Appreciation: Ontario Public Library Week

by Linda Ludke

Anyone who works in a library will undoubtedly have stories to tell about memorable items dropped off in book return chutes — in addition to books. …

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