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Teaching with Canadian Books

Professional teachers weigh in on working with Canadian books in the classroom

Celebrating & Exploring Indigenous Languages Through Literature

by Ian McCallum

Indigenous languages are an important aspect of daily life in Canada. Many provinces, town and city names, landmarks, bodies of water are identified by …

Sparking Conversation in the Classroom: The Big Dig by Lisa Harrington

by Geoffrey Ruggero

The Big Dig by Lisa Harrington is the perfect book to spark meaningful discussions on a variety of topics. Teachers are familiar with the difficulties …

Books for Summer Adventures

by Sarah Campbell

Summer is a time for adventures! When you’re a kid anything can be magical when school is out — whether it’s camping, trips to the mall, playing …

Books to Inspire Storytelling (With Tech Tools to Capture the Tales)

by Allison Hall

At the beginning of each summer, as school is winding its way to the end, I inevitably pull out my books of ghost stories. I spend some quality time with …

Leading Students on a Path of Self-Discovery: Sadia by Colleen Nelson

by Geoffrey Ruggero

As a fifteen-year-old adjusting to life in high school, Sadia begins to realize that growing up in Winnipeg brings many challenges. Balancing school work, …

Exploration and Creative Play with Loose Parts

by Allison Hall

The new initiative for my school library in September is the addition of a loose parts area in the library makerspace, where students will have the opportunity …

Resilience, Social Justice, and Race: Reviewing Jael Ealey Richardson's The Stone Thrower

by Jonelle St. Aubyn

It can be very difficult to tell two stories in one book, especially in a work of nonfiction, but this is something that Jael Richardson does quite masterfully …

Walters Rules YA Fiction

by Geoffrey Ruggero

Eric Walters is a well-known Canadian author who has published an astounding 100 books (and counting). Only a writer who can adapt to the changing interests …

Books to Spark Inquiry and Design Thinking

by Allison Hall

Design thinking can take students to many different end results: a tangible product or invention, a virtual design, or a campaign to raise awareness. …

Choose Kindness! Kids Books that Explore This Crucial Value

by Sarah Campbell

As parents, teachers, librarians, family, and friends, we want to raise children who know how to be kind. Reading alleviates the dangers spurred by ignorance …

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