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Body, Mind & Spirit Unexplained Phenomena

The Monster Trilogy Guidebook

How to find a bigfoot, a yeti, and the Loch Ness monster

by (author) Christopher L. Murphy & Peter Byrne

Hancock House
Initial publish date
May 2013
Unexplained Phenomena, Primatology
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    May 2013
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A practical guide combining in-depth knowledge of wilderness exploration and wild animal behavior with detailed information on preparation for large and small expeditions. World-renowned explorer and wilderness guide, Peter Byrne, combines his in-depth knowledge of wilderness exploration and wild animal behavior to produce this unique, practical guide. Focusing on what he considers to be the last three great, unsolved mysteries (the sasquatch or bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest of North America; the yeti or abominable snowmen, of the Himalaya; and the prehistoric monsters of Loch Ness in Scotland) he shares with his readers his decades of experience searching for definitive proof of their existence. But the heart of this book is the wealth of detailed information the author provides on planning large or small expeditions into remote areas, including habitat, pinpointing search areas, obtaining permits and permissions, what staff is needed, travel logistics, general and essential equipment and food, safety tips, and what to do if/when contact is made with the creature. Whether you are a general researcher with an interest in exploring the wilderness or a dedicated monster hunter, this book is both an interesting read and an essential reference. The book is full color throughout and includes many never-before published photographs.

About the authors

Christopher L. Murphy retired in 1994 after 36 years of service with the British Columbia Telephone Company (now Telus). During his career, he authored four books on business processes. After retirement he taught a night school course on vendor quality management at the B.C. Institute of Technology. An avid philatelist, Chris has written several books on Masonic Philately. Chris got involved in the sasquatch mystery when he met Rene Dahinden, who lived nearby, in 1993. He then worked with Rene in producing posters from the Patterson/Gimlin film and marketing sasquatch footprint casts. In 1996, Chris republished Roger Patterson's 1966 book, Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?, and Fred Beck's book, I Fought the Apemen of Mt. St. Helens. In 1997, Chris published Bigfoot in Ohio: Encounters with the Grassman, a book he authored in association with Joedy Cook and George Clappison of Ohio. In 2000, Chris embarked on a project to assemble a comprehensive pictorial presentation on the sasquatch. This initiative led to his 2004 sasquatch exhibit at the Vancouver (BC) Museum and the publication of Meet the Sasquatch, the first edition of this book. In due course, Chris wrote a supplemental section to Roger Patterson's book, which was republished in 2005 by Hancock House Publishers under the title, The Bigfoot Film Controversy. The following year, Chris updated his Ohio book, again with his two previous associates, and it was published in 2006 by Hancock House under the title, Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman. Chris's sasquatch exhibit next traveled to the Museum of Mysteries in Seattle, where it was displayed for five months in 2005. In June of the following year, it opened at the Museum of Natural History in Pocatello Idaho, where it was shown for 15 months. Chris has also attended and presented at many sasquatch symposiums, and has taken part in several television documentaries on the subject.

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In the world of cryptozoology, Peter Byrne needs no introduction. He has been committed to the search for unrecognized creatures for over 50 years. In his early life, he was a big-game hunting guide in Nepal, a profession that instilled in him a unique knowledge of the ways of wild animals. In the late 1960s he put his professional hunting career behind him and, wanting to give something back, formed The International Wildlife Conservation Society, Inc. in Washington, DC. Working with this organization, he designed and carried out a twenty-year series of wildlife preservation programs in the area of his former hunting concession in Nepal. This work continues to the present day. During this time and later, Peter led expeditions in the Himalayas to search for the yeti, and then pioneered sasquatch research in North America. In the 1970s he joined renowned American explorer Robert Rines in his search for the fabled monsters of Loch Ness.

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