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Which Way Is Up?

Finding Heart in the Hardest of Times

by (author) Susan Gillis Chapman

Goddess Alpha

Directions Home

by (author) Jessica Theroux

Burn Your Sh*t

The Life-Changing Magic of Rituals

by (author) Lori Dyan

Blame the Stars

A Very Good, Totally Accurate Collection of Astrological Advice

by (author) Heather Buchanan & Royce Akers
photographs by Kristoffer Paulsen

Standing at the Back Door of Happiness

And How I Unlocked It

by (author) David Roche


A Visual Odyssey

by (author) Erika Dyck


How to Overcome Doubt, Fear, and Grief & Choose the Path of Joy

by (author) Lisa Driver

Boundaries and Bucket-filling

How to Say No to Others and Yes to You

by (author) Lisa Driver

Opening Up

How to Develop Your Intuition and Work With Your Angels

by (author) Lisa Driver

Women and Psychedelics

Uncovering Invisible Voices

edited by Erika Dyck, Patrick Farrell & Beatriz Caiuby Labate

Scorpio Witch

Unlock the Magic of Your Sun Sign

by (author) Ivo Dominguez & Zoe Howe
contributions by Alison Chicosky, Cat Heath, Dayan Skipper-Martinez, Lisa Jade, Rhonda Alin, Wendy Rule, Dawn Aurora Hunt & Sandra Kynes

Wisdom From The Hidden Life of Trees

by (author) Peter Wohlleben
edited and translated by Jane Billinghurst

The Adventure Tarot

A Road Trip—Inspired Deck for Self-Discovery & Belonging

by (author) Elizabeth Su
illustrated by Jenny Chang


Tales of the Northern Sasquatch Revised and Expanded Edition

by (author) Red Grossinger
foreword by Raymond Yakeleya

Field Notes for the Wilderness: A Guided Journal

Practices for an Evolving Faith

by (author) Sarah Bessey

Field Notes for the Wilderness

Practices for an Evolving Faith

by (author) Sarah Bessey

Affirmations for Self-Love

A Motivational Journal with Prompts for Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance, and Positive Self-Talk (Inspirational Guided Journaling)

by (author) Eric Maisel & Lynda Monk


Brief Books about Big Ideas

by (author) Melanie Gillespie Rosen

Let It Go

Free Yourself from Old Beliefs and Find a New Path to Joy

by (author) Chelene Knight

Yoga Life

Habits, Poses, and Breathwork to Channel Joy Amidst the Chaos

by (author) Brett Larkin

My Life Is Art

11 Pillars for a Positive and Purposeful Life

by (author) Emmanuel Jal

Finding Your Calm

Twelve Methods to Release Anxiety, Relieve Stress & Restore Peace

by (author) Llewellyn
contributions by Gail Bussi, Jiulio Consiglio, Cyndi Dale, Emily A. Francis, Melanie C. Klein, Chanda Parkinson, Leah Patterson, Kristy Robinett, Amy B. Scher, Shai Tubali, Angela A. Wix & Shannon Yrizarry

UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle

Visitations, National Security, and the Need for Transparency (Incidents That Demand Investigation and Disclosure)

by (author) Robert Salas
foreword by Stanton T. Friedman & Leslie Kean

The Art of Ectoplasm

Encounters with Winnipeg's Ghost Photographs

edited by Serena Keshavjee

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