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Hancock House

Books from this publisher

The Missing Caribou Hide

Traditional T?licho Stories and Legends

by (author) Wendy Stephenson, Cecilia Judas & Madeline Judas

Northwest Indigenous Arts: Creative Colors 1

by (author) Robert E. Stanley Sr.

A Crow Called Canuck

a children's activity book

by (author) Arran Yarmie


An Indigenous Coloring Book No. 4- Building a Canoe

by (author) Carol Batdorf & Patricia Clark

White Rock Eagles

a Bald Eagle family

by (author) Hancock Wildlife Foundation

Bear Man, The

by (author) Keith Scott

River Lost, A

by (author) Lynn Bragg

Transformation Masks - Coloring Book

by (author) Pamela Rae Huteson

Story of Eagle Activity & Coloring Book

by (author) David Hancock & Susanne Lansonius

Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC and Washington

by (author) David Hancock

Raptors - Birds of Prey Coloring Book

by (author) Hancock House

Northwest Dryland Wildflowers

Of the Sagebrush and Ponderosa

by (author) Dana Visalli & Derrick Ditchburn

Dinosaur Coloring Book

illustrated by Steve Kieffer

Totem Poles Coloring Book

An Ancient Art

by (author) Carol Batdorf

Tinka Coloring Book

A day in a little girl's life

by (author) Carol Batdorf

Wildlife Coloring Book

by (author) Hancock House

Max - The Dog that Refused to Die

& Pepper's Ordeal

by (author) Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne

White Spirit Bear

by (author) Tess Tessier


The Skyscraper Falcon

by (author) Linda Birman


A Steelhead Odyssey

by (author) Barry Thornton


A Steelhead Odyssey

by (author) Barry Thronton

Emily, Moonshine and Sister Goose

by (author) Suzanne Lansonius

Love Quest

What a Man will do for a Woman

by (author) Don (Carol) Batdorf

Power Quest

The Journey into Manhood

by (author) Don (Carol) Batdorf

Spirit Quest

The Initiation of an Indian Boy

by (author) Don (Carol) Batdorf

Quest for Empire

The Sage of Russian America

by (author) Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne

Quest for Empire

The Saga of Russian America

by (author) Kyra Wayne

Clancy & TidePool Friends

by (author) Carol Batdorf

River of Tears

by (author) Maud Emery