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Their Natural History and Diversity

by (author) Ronald Orenstein
photographs by Thomas Marent


The Illustrated Guide to Their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation

by (author) Kent A. Vliet
photographs by Wayne Lynch


Connect with Nature the Norwegian Way

by (author) Oliver Luke Delorie

Casting into Mystery

by (author) Robert Reid
by (artist) Wesley W. Bates

The Imperilled Ocean

Human Stories from a Changing Sea

by (author) Laura Trethewey

Saving Seeds

A Home Gardener’s Guide to Preserving Plant Biodiversity

by (author) Dan Jason

Birds of Alberta

by (author) Chris Fisher & John Acorn
illustrated by Gary Ross

Red Coats and Wild Birds

How Military Ornithologists and Migrant Birds Shaped Empire

by (author) Kirsten A. Greer

Cry Wolf

Inquest into the True Nature of a Predator

by (author) Harold R. Johnson

The Wonder of Water

Lived Experience, Policy, and Practice

edited by Ingrid Leman Stefanovic

Disappearing Giants

The North Atlantic Right Whale

by (author) Scott Kraus, Marilyn Marx, Heather Pettis, Amy Knowlton & Ken Mallory


Finding Beauty in the Fiercest Season

by (author) Bernd Brunner
foreword by Mark Kurlansky
translated by Jane Billinghurst

Energy Culture

Art and Theory on Oil and Beyond

edited by Imre Szeman & Jeff Diamanti


What you can do to reduce climate change - simple actions that make a difference

by (author) Seth Wynes

The Flying Zoo

Birds, Parasites, and the World They Share

by (author) Michael Stock

How to Catch a Mole

Wisdom from a Life Lived in Nature

narrator Marc Hamer

Rain Comin' Down

Water, Memory and Identity in a Changed World

by (author) Robert William Sandford


And Other Essays

by (author) David Adams Richards

Field Guide to the Mammals of South-East Asia (2nd Edition)

by (author) Charles Francis

Rising Tides

Reflections for Climate Changing Times

edited by Cate Sandilands

Tree, A Life Story

by (author) David Suzuki & Wayne Grady
foreword by Peter Wohlleben
narrator David Skulski

Effin' Birds

A Field Guide to Identification

by (author) Aaron Reynolds

False Knees

An Illustrated Guide to Animal Behavior

by (author) Joshua Barkman

Changing Tides

An Ecologist's Journey to Make Peace with the Anthropocene

by (author) Alejandro Frid

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