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In Nature's Realm

Early Naturalists Explore Vancouver Island

by (author) Michael Layland

Lost Feast

Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food

by (author) Lenore Newman


How Wildfire Will Shape Our Future

by (author) Edward Struzik

Atlantic Canada's Greatest Storms

by (author) Dan Soucoup

Captured by Fire

Surviving British Columbia's New Wildfire Reality

by (author) Chris Czajkowski & Fred Reid


From Microorganisms to Megacities

by (author) Vaclav Smil


The Call of the American West

by (author) Joanna Pocock

Feed the Birds

Attract and Identify 196 Common North American Birds

by (author) Chris Earley

Passion and Persistence

Fifty Years of the Sierra Club in British Columbia, 1969–2019

by (author) Diane Pinch

Unearthing Justice

How to Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry

by (author) Joan Kuyek

Into the Planet

by (author) Jill Heinerth

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

edited by Shane P. Mahoney & Valerius Geist

Whose Water Is It, Anyway?

Taking Water Protection into Public Hands

by (author) Maude Barlow

Ecological Footprint

Managing Our Biocapacity Budget

by (author) Mathis Wackernagel & Bert Beyers
translated by Katharina Rout

In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond

In Search of the Sasquatch

by (author) John Zada

The Canadian Environment in Political Context, Second Edition

by (author) Andrea Olive

The Mosquito

A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator

by (author) Timothy C. Winegard

Falconry Manual (ebook)

by (author) Frank L. Beebe

DIY Mushroom Cultivation

Growing Mushrooms at Home for Food, Medicine, and Soil

by (author) Willoughby Arevalo

Yukon, Rugged Beauty

by (author) George Fischer

Canadian Environmental Philosophy

edited by C. Tyler DesRoches, Frank Jankunis & Byron Williston

The Arctic

What Everyone Needs to Know®

by (author) Klaus Dodds & Mark Nuttall

The North Atlantic Right Whale

Past, Present, and Future

by (author) Joann Hamilton-Barry


True Tales from a Treeplanting Life

by (author) Greg Nolan

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