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Tranquil Prisons

Chemical Incarceration under Community Treatment Orders

by (author) Erick Fabris

Social Support, Health, and Illness

A Complicated Relationship

by (author) Ranjan Roy

Gender, Health, and Popular Culture

Historical Perspectives

edited by Cheryl Krasnick Warsh

Health Care in Canada

A Citizen's Guide to Policy and Politics

by (author) Katherine Fierlbeck

Bioethics in Canada

A Philosophical Introduction

by (author) Carol Collier & Rachel Haliburton

Childhood Vaccinations

Answers to Your Questions

by (author) Katia Bailetti

Long-Term Care in Saskatchewan

Its History & Evolution

by (author) Boris Kishchuk

Now What?

A Practical Guide to Dealing with Aging, Illness and Dying

by (author) Sherri Auger & Barbara Wickens

Staying Alive, Second Edition

Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness, and Health Care

edited by Toba Bryant, Dennis Raphael & Marcia H. Rioux

Managing Your Medicare

An insider's guide to maximizing benefits and lowering costs

by (author) George Jacobs

Health Promotion and Quality of Life in Canada

Essential Readings

by (author) Dennis Raphael

Anti-Racist Health Care Practice

by (author) Elizabeth McGibbon & Josephine Etowa

Caring for the World

A Guidebook to Global Health Opportunities

by (author) Paul Drain, Stephen A. Huffman, Sara Pirtle & Kevin Chan

Social Determinants of Health, 2nd Edition

Canadian Perspectives

edited by Dennis Raphael

Health Transitions in Arctic Populations

by (author) Peter Bjerregaard & T. Kue Young

Broken Wing, Fallen Sky

by (author) Fran Muir

Health Inequality: Morality and Measurement

by (author) Yukiko Asada

Body Breakdowns

Tales of Illness and Recovery

edited by Janis Harper


Facts, Myths, Problems & Promise

by (author) Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
edited by Bruce Campbell & Greg Marchildon

Health Promotion in Canada

Critical Perspectives, 2nd Edition

edited by Michel O'Neill, Ann Pederson & Sophie Dupéré

Poverty and Policy in Canada

Implications for Health and Quality of Life

by (author) Dennis Raphael
foreword by Jack Layton

Take Control of Your Health

The Essential Roadmap to Making the Right Health Care Decisions

by (author) William Feldman

Bird Flu

What We Need to Know

by (author) A.A. Avlicino

Managing to Nurse

Inside Canada's Health Care Reform

by (author) Janet M. Rankin & Marie L. Campbell

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