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Cantata & The Extinction Therapist

Two Plays by Clem Martini

by (author) Clem Martini
foreword by Naheed K. Nenshi & Christine Brubaker
photographs by Cliff Kirchhoff

Forbidden Knowledge

A Self-Advocate's Guide to Managing Your Prescription Drugs

by (author) Terence H. Young

Healthy No Matter What

How Humans Are Hardwired to Adapt

by (author) Alex Jadad & Tamen Jadad-Garcia


Childhood Trauma, Adult Illness, and the Need for a Health Care Revolution

by (author) Robert Maunder & Jonathan Hunter

Shadows and Light

A Physician's Lens on COVID

by (author) Heather Patterson

Grief on the Front Lines

Reckoning with Trauma, Grief, and Humanity in Modern Medicine

by (author) Rachel Jones
foreword by Danielle Ofri


A Health System Profile

by (author) John Church & Neale Smith


A Guide to Everyday Health Decisions with More Facts and Less Worry

by (author) Timothy Caulfield

Global Health and the Village

Transnational Contexts Governing Birth in Northern Uganda

by (author) Sarah Rudrum

Health and Health Care in Northern Canada

edited by Rebecca Schiff & Helle Møller

Misunderstanding Health

Making Sense of America's Broken Health Care System

by (author) Rohit Khanna

Newfoundland and Labrador

A Health System Profile

by (author) Stephen Bornstein, John Abbott, Victor Maddalena, Aimee Letto, Melissa Sullivan & Pablo Navarro

The Care We Dream Of

Liberatory and Transformative Approaches to LGBTQ+ Health

edited by Zena Sharman

Health Systems in Transition

USA, Second Edition

by (author) Thomas Rice, Pauline Rosenau, Lynn Y. Unruh & Andrew J. Barnes

No Harm Done

Three Plays About Medical Conditions

by (author) Eugene Stickland, Crystal Phillips, Bin Hu, Dagmar Johnson, William Snell, Sherry L. Dupuis, Pia Kontos, Julia Gray, Christine Jonas-Simpson & Yves Sauvé

Supporting Children and Their Families Facing Health Inequities in Canada

edited by Miriam J. Stewart

Transparency, Power, and Influence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Policy Gain or Confidence Game?

edited by Katherine Fierlbeck, Janice Graham & Matthew Herder

When Politics Comes Before Patients

Why and How Canadian Medicare is Failing

by (author) Shawn Whatley

Conscious De-Stress Guide Workbook

by (author) Lise Leblanc

Conscious De-Stress Guide

by (author) Lise Leblanc

We Can Do Better

Urgent Innovations to Improve Mental Health Access and Care

by (author) David Goldbloom

Health Systems in Transition: Canada, Third Edition

by (author) Gregory Marchildon, Sara Allin & Sherry Merkur

Relax, Dammit!

A User's Guide to the Age of Anxiety

by (author) Timothy Caulfield

The Complete Guide for Family Caregivers

by (author) Tapp-McDougall Caroline

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