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Okay, Universe

Chronicles of a Woman in Politics

by (author) Valerie Plante & Delphie Côté-Lacroix
translated by Helge Dascher

Paul at Home

by (author) Michel Rabagliati
translated by Helge Dascher & Rob Aspinall

Lonely Boys

by (author) Sophie Bédard
translated by Helge Dascher & Robin Lang

To Know You're Alive

by (author) Dakota McFadzean

El cuento de la criada (Novela gráfica) / The Handmaid's Tale (Graphic Novel)

by (author) Margaret Atwood


by (author) Jeff Lemire

Wendy, Master of Art

by (author) Walter Scott

Unknown, The

by (author) Anna Sommer
translated by Helge Dascher

I Know You Rider

by (author) Leslie Stein

Fugitive Days

Fugitive Days

by (artist) Veronica Post

Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era

A Life in Stills

by (artist) George A. Walker

Dripping Boat

by (artist) Julian Lawrence

Art Life

by (artist) Catherine Ocelot
translated by Aleshia Jensen

Familiar Face

by (author) Michael DeForge

The Cursed Hermit

by (artist) Forbes Alexander
by (author) Kris Bertin

Swimming in Darkness

by (author) Lucas Harari
translated by David Homel

Death of the Master

by (author) Patrick Kyle

The Handbook to Lazy Parenting

by (author) Guy Delisle
translated by Helge Dascher

Fake Lake

by (author) Adrian Norvid

The Blue Road

A Fable of Migration

text by Wayde Compton
illustrated by April dela Noche Milne

Carpe Fin

A Haida Manga

by (author) Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas


by (author) Michael DeForge


by (author) Sylvia Nickerson

Agnes, Murderess

by (author) Sarah Leavitt

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