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Five Stalks of Grain

by (author) Adrian Lysenko
illustrated by Ivanka Theodosia Galadza

Hot to Trot

by (artist) Veronica Post

Piat koloskiv

by (author) Adrian Lysenko
illustrated by Ivanka Theodosia Galadza
translated by Elina Neroevska-Veles

Naked: The Confessions of a Normal Woman

by (author) Éloïse Marseille

40 Men and 12 Rifles

Indochina 1954

by (author) Marcelino Truong
translated by David Homel


by (author) Jillian Tamaki & Mariko Tamaki

July Underwater

by (artist) Zoe Maeve

Moon Boots

Chronicles of a Country Crooner

by (artist) Lorenz Peter


A Haida Manga

by (author) Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Fire Monster

by (author) Anita Lahey
by (artist) Pauline Conley

Post-Modern Mini-Comics

by (artist) Colin Upton

Partum Me

by (artist) Natalie Pendergast

Denison Avenue

illustrated by Daniel Innes
by (author) Christina Wong

Kettle Harbour

by (artist) Kyle Vingoe-Cram

Tales From Phantom City

by (author) Patrick Jenkins

Harvey Knight's Odyssey

by (author) Nick Maandag


by (artist) Nina Bunjevac

Movements & Moments

edited by Sonja Eismann, Maya & Ingo Schoningh


Two Years in the Oil Sands

by (author) Kate Beaton

Genevieve Castree

Complete Works 1981-2016

by (author) Genevieve Castree

World Record Holders

by (author) Guy Delisle
translated by Helge Dascher & Rob Aspinall

Birds of Maine

by (author) Michael DeForge

Omnis Temporalis

A Visual Long-Playing Record

by (author) Seth
by (composer) Mark Haney

Kim: A Novel Idea

by (author) Frankie Barnet

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