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The Big Feelings Book for Children

Mindfulness Moments to Manage Anger, Excitement, Anxiety, and Sadness

by (author) Sharon Selby


by (author) David Aglukark & Dorothy Aglukark
illustrated by Amiel Sandland

Baleine boréale

by (author) Joanasie Karpik
illustrated by Sho Uehara

Comment repérer un artiste

by (author) Danielle Krysa

Bœuf musqué

by (author) Allen Niptanatiak & Kagan McLeod

Mon premier imagier

Français - Anglais

by (author) Québec Amérique

Big as a Giant Snail

by (author) Jess Keating
illustrated by David DeGrand

Kaakuluk: Walruses!


edited by Inhabit Media

Kaakuluk: Orcas!


edited by Inhabit Media

The Wall and the Wind

by (author) Veselina Tomova

Muinji'j Asks Why

The Story of the Mi'kmaq and the Shubenacadie Residential School

by (author) Shanika MacEachern & Breighlynn MacEachern
illustrated by Zeta Paul

Where Did We Come From?

A simple exploration of the universe, evolution, and physics

by (author) Chris Ferrie


by (author) Heather Hudak

La sécurité personnelle

by (author) Simon Rose/Madeline Nixon

Mary Simon

by (author) Becky Noelle

La Cordillère canadienne

by (author) Kathleen Corrigan/Matthew Corrigan

Battle of Juno Beach

by (author) Simon Rose

Le logement et les infrastructures

by (author) Simon Rose/Kathleen Corrigan

Les substances

by (author) Simon Rose/Kathleen Corrigan

Le territoire arctique

by (author) Kathleen Corrigan/Matthew Corrigan


by (author) Heather Hudak

La recherche d'eau potable

by (author) Simon Rose/Kathleen Corrigan

Les plaines Intérieures

by (author) Kathleen Corrigan/Matthew Corr

Mary Ann Shadd

by (author) Kelly Spence

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