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Browse Books in Marine Life

Maybe a Whale

by (author) Kirsten Pendreigh
illustrated by Crystal Smith

Commotion in the Ocean

by (author) Sarah Borg
introduction by Captain Paul Watson

Walter & Seymour

Let's Play

by (author) Kim Osbourne


by (author) Eric Walters
translated by Rachel Martinez

I Hear You, Ocean

by (author) Kallie George
illustrated by Carmen Mok

A Baby Whale Ventures North

by (author) Samantha Baker
illustrated by Dawn Baker

My First Books: Welcome, Baby!

Three Stimulating Books in One Box: Bath Book, Cloth Book, Stroller Book

text by Corinne Delporte & Carine Laforest
illustrated by Annie Sechao & Karina Dupuis

Chomp Chomp Shark

edited by Cottage Door Press
by (author) Brick Puffinton
illustrated by Tommy Doyle

Little Narwhal, Not Alone

by (author) Tiffany Stone
illustrated by Ashlyn Anstee
contributions by Marie Noël

Finn's First Song

A Whaley Big Aventure

by (author) Gerry Daly

Hidden Treasure

by (author) Elly MacKay

Show Us Where You Live, Humpback

by (author) Beryl Young
illustrated by Sakika Kikuchi

No More Plastic

illustrated by Alma Fullerton

Shark Bait!

by (author) Jeff Szpirglas & Danielle Saint-Onge
illustrated by Dave Whamond

Explore the Eelgrass Meadow with Sam and Crystal

by (author) Gloria Snively
illustrated by Karen Gillmore

Stink and the Shark Sleepover

by (author) Megan McDonald
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

123 Sea Creatures

by (artist) Toko Hosoya


by (author) Paola Opal

This Is Crab

by (author) Harriet Evans
illustrated by Jacqui Lee

kwu‿c'əx̌wəntim təl stunx isck'wuls / Lessons From Beaver's Work

by (author) Harron Hall
illustrated by Bill Cohen


by (author) Paola Opal

Kah-Lan and the Stink Ink

by (author) Karen Autio
illustrated by Emma Pedersen

Bath Time!

by (author) Eric Walters
illustrated by Christine Battuz

Bath Time! Read-Along

by (author) Eric Walters
read by Kelly Nakatsuka

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