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Browse Books in Contemporary (1945-)

René Daniëls and Shirley Wiitasalo

by (artist) Rene Daniels & Shirley Wiitsalo
by (author) Ulrich Loock

Liz Magor

by (artist) Liz Magor
by (author) Nancy Tousley & Reid Shier

Accounting for an imaginary prairie life

An artist book by Landon Mackenzie

by (artist) Landon Mackenzie

The Bar Report/Raincoats, Suitcases, Palms

Vera Frenkel

by (artist) Vera Frenkel
by (author) Dot Tuer & Matthias Winzen

Toronto Asymmetric Orange

Philippe Van Snick

by (artist) Phillippe Van Snick
by (author) Walter Klepac

What It Feels Like for a Girl / Sinbad in the Rented World

by (author) Sally McKay, Derrick McCormack & R.M. Vaughan

Peter Bowyer

by (artist) Peter Bowyer
by (author) Kenneth Hayes

Stéphane La Rue Sally Späth

by (artist) Stephane La Rue & Sally Spath
by (author) Mario Cote


by (artist) Genevieve Cadieux, Robin Collyer & Rodney Graham

Tony Brown

Living in the Hot House

by (artist) Tony Brown
by (author) Monika Gagnon & Jerome Sans

Robert Therrien Polaroids Drawings

by (artist) Robert Therrien
by (author) Gregory Salzman & Loretta Yarlow

Scott Lyall


by (artist) Scott Lyall
by (author) Adler Dan

Works from 1976 to 1994

Rodney Graham

by (artist) Rodney Graham
by (author) Matthew Teitelbaum & Jeff Wall


Alison Wilding

by (artist) Alison Wilding
by (author) Renee Baert

Robin Collyer Photographs

by (artist) Robin Collyer
by (author) Philip Monk & Catherine Grout

Island Thought

Rodney Graham, Canada XLVII Biennale di Venezia

by (artist) Rodney Graham
by (author) William Gibson & Shep Steiner

This Place and Some Other:

The Solitary Journey of Landon Mackenzie

by (artist) Landon Mackenzie
by (author) Jack Laing

Roy Arden

by (artist) Roy Arden
by (author) Scott Watson & Peter Culley

Aldin's Gift

Jamelie Hassan

by (artist) Jamelie Hassan
by (author) Monika Kin Gagnon & Homi K. Bhabha

Drawn From Drawn Upon

by (artist) Stephen Andrews & Cathy Daley
by (author) Loretta Yarlow

The Last Art College

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1968-1978

by (author) Garry Neill Kennedy

Commerce by Artists

edited by Luis Jacob

Antoni Tàpies, Complete Writings, Volume II

Collected Essays

by (author) Antoni Tàpies
translated by Josep Miquel Sobrer
introduction by Serge Guilbaut

Imagining Resistance

Visual Culture and Activism in Canada

edited by J. Keri Cronin & Kirsty Robertson

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