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Book Lists

Spring 2023 New Releases

Dive into the latest Canadian books for kids and teens.

by 49th Teachers · Tagged picture books, early readers, middle grade, young adult

Welcome, Rain!

by (author) Sheryl McFarlane
illustrated by Christine Wei

A Flower is a Friend

by (author) Frieda Wishinsky
illustrated by Karen Patkau

Up for Grabs

by (author) Michelle Mulder

The Journal of Anxious Izzy Parker

by (author) Alma Fullerton

Evolution Under Pressure

How We Change Nature and How Nature Changes Us

by (author) Yolanda Ridge
illustrated by Dane Thibeault

Sometimes I Feel Like a River

by (author) Danielle Daniel
illustrated by Josée Bisaillon

Forever Our Home / kâkikê kîkinaw

by (author) Tonya Simpson
illustrated by Carla Joseph
translated by Jean Okimāsis

The Secret Pocket

by (author) Peggy Janicki
illustrated by Carrielynn Victor

Buffalo Flats

by (author) Martine Leavitt

Salma Makes a Home

by (author) Danny Ramadan
illustrated by Anna Bron

The Stars of Mount Quixx

The Brindlewatch Quintet, Book One

by (author) S.M. Beiko

As I Enfold You in Petals

by (author) Richard Van Camp
illustrated by Scott B. Henderson
colorist Donovan Yaciuk
letterer Nickolej Villiger

Standing on Neptune

by (author) Valerie Sherrard

Stop the Hate for Goodness Sake

How can classroom teachers disrupt discrimination and promote hope, foster healing, and inspire joyful learning?

by (author) Andrew B. Campbell & Larry Swartz

Swept Away

Ruth Mornay and the Unwanted Clues

by (author) Natalie Hyde

A Mist of Memories

by (author) Kate Blair

Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots

by (author) Bree Galbraith
illustrated by Morgan Goble

The Sound of a Rainbow

by (author) Sharon Frayne

Heart Berry Bling

by (author) Jenny Kay Dupuis
illustrated by Eva Campbell

Dear Elsa

by (author) Marco Fraticelli

The Boy Who Woke the Sun

by (author) A.T. Woodley
illustrated by Mike Deas

Percy's Perfect Friend

by (author) Lana Button
illustrated by Peggy Collins

Princess Pru and the Ogre on the Hill

by (author) Maureen Fergus
illustrated by Danesh Mohiuddin

Van Buren Sisters vs. the Pants Police, The

by (author) J.F. Fox
illustrated by Anna Kwan

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