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Book Lists

Young Readers

Books for young readers from Atlantic Canada, from picture books for the littlest ones to chapter books for teens.

by Heather Fegan · Tagged readers, teen, young, picture books, atlantic

Baby Talk

by (author) Carol McDougall & Shanda LaRamee-Jones

Owen's Pirate Adventure

by (author) Patti Larsen
illustrated by Shaun Patterson

Morgan's Boat Ride

by (author) Hugh MacDonald
illustrated by Anna Bald

Tallulah the Theatre Cat

by (author) Jennifer Brown

How the Cougar Came to be Called the Ghost Cat/Ta’n Petalu Telui’tut Skite’kmujewe

by (author) Michael James Isaac
illustrated by Dozay (Arlene) Christmas

Birchy Maid, The

by (author) Robin McGrath
illustrated by Rochelle Baker

Pit Pony

The Picture Book

by (author) Joyce Barkhouse & Janet Barkhouse
illustrated by Sydney Smith

Be a Wilderness Detective

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

What's Going On at the Time Tonight?

by (author) Gerald Mercer
illustrated by Holly DeWolf

Yaffle's Journey

by (author) Nancy Keating
illustrated by Laurel Keating

Évangéline Récits pour jeunes lecteurs

by (author) Helene Boudreau
illustrated by Patsy MacKinnon

Fairies on My Island

by (author) Shaun Patterson
illustrated by Christina Patterson

Sewing Basket

by (author) Susan White

Buried Truth

by (author) Alice Walsh

Nix Minus One

by (author) Jill MacLean

The Extraordinary Life of Anna Swan

by (author) Anne Renaud

Trapper Boy

A Novel

by (author) Hugh R. MacDonald

Real Justice: Convicted for Being Mi'kmaq

The story of Donald Marshall Jr.

by (author) Bill Swan

Buried Secrets at Louisbourg

by (author) JoAnn Yhard

Apples and Butterflies

A Poem for Prince Edward Island

by (author) Shauntay Grant
illustrated by Tamara Thiebaux-Heikalo

The Lost Teachings / Panuijkatasikl Kina’masuti’l

illustrated by Dozay (Arlene) Christmas
by (author) Michael James Isaac