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Children's Fiction Time Travel

The Last Saxon King

A Jump in Time Novel, Book One

by (author) Andrew Varga

Imbrifex Books
Initial publish date
Mar 2023
Time Travel
Recommended Age
12 to 18
Recommended Grade
7 to 12
  • Hardback

    Publish Date
    Mar 2023
    List Price
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Mar 2023
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One jump to save all time

Life is progressing normally for sixteen-year-old Dan Renfrew when he accidentally transports himself to England in the year 1066. He soon realizes that he’s trapped there, and that’s not his only astonishing discovery. Dan learns that he’s descended from a long line of time jumpers—secret heroes who travel to the past and resolve glitches in the time stream that threaten to alter subsequent history. The only way Dan can return home is to set history back on its proper course in the Anglo-Saxon age. This is no easy task. A Viking horde is ravaging England in the north while a Norman army threatens to invade from the south. In between and desperately struggling to hold on to his throne is Harold Godwinson, the newly-crowned English king. Dan is fighting to ensure that events play out correctly when he finds himself plunged into an even more lethal conflict. To save history, Dan must battle a band of malevolent time jumpers whose lust for wealth and power threatens the entire future of the world.

About the author


  • Short-listed, Red Maple, Forest of Reading

Contributor Notes

Ever since his mother told him he was descended from Vikings, Andrew Varga has had a fascination for history. He’s read hundreds of history books, watched countless historical movies, and earned a BA from the University of Toronto with a specialist in history and a major in English.

Andrew has traveled extensively across Europe, where he toured some of the most famous castles, museums, and historical sites that Europe has to offer. During his travels he accumulated a collection of swords, shields, and other medieval weapons that now adorn his personal library. He is skilled in fencing and Kendo—the Japanese art of sword fighting. He has also used both longbows and crossbows, built a miniature working trebuchet, knit his own shirt of chain mail, and earned a black belt in karate.

Andrew currently lives in the greater Toronto area with his wife Pam, their three children, and their mini-zoo of two dogs, two cats, a turtle, and some fish. It was his children’s love of reading, particularly historical and fantasy stories, that inspired Andrew to write this series. In his spare time, when he isn’t writing or editing, Andrew reads history books, jams on guitar, or plays beach volleyball.

Editorial Reviews

"Fun adventure and an interesting historical background"--Kirkus Reviews

“Andrew Varga has successfully blended a compelling historical fiction story with a sci-fi/ fantasy tale to create a novel that includes the best of both genres."—Jeffrey Westbrook, editor of the Altavista Journal and the Union Star

The Last Saxon King is a riveting story. Well researched and beautifully written, you can practically sense the sights, sounds and smells of 11th century England. A unique take on the momentous events of 1066, the reader finds themselves egging the characters on. This is edge-of-the-seat time traveling historical fiction.”—Historian Sharon Bennett Connolly is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and the author of Heroines of the Medieval World, Silk and the Sword: The Women of the Norman Conquest, Ladies of Magna Carta: Women of Influence in Thirteenth Century England and Defenders of the Norman Crown: Rise and Fall of the Warenne Earls of Surrey

"The interplay of modern and early Medieval culture is fun, and I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense and time travel.”—Simon Spalding, historian and author of Food at Sea: Shipboard Cuisine from Ancient to Modern Times


A thrilling adventure and a wonderful introduction to the history of pre-Conquest England.”—Annie Whitehead, is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and author of Women of Power in Anglo-Saxon England, Mercia: The Rise and Fall of a Kingdom, To Be A Queen, Tales of the Iclingas Series, and Alvar the Kingmaker

“As a historical fiction writer and as a homeschool parent, I loved every page of The Last Saxon King.—Lynn Dean, Hands-On Homeschool Resources

The Last Saxon King is a gripping, faced paced read, perfect for readers who love a clever blending of history and fantasy.”Cryssa Bazos, author of Honor of Thieves, Severed Knot and Betrayal: Historical Stories

“A rollicking action/adventure of time travel with both male and female heroes! A modern day tale of love and sacrifice to save the world. I couldn’t put it down.” —Tom Taylor, author of Brock’s Assassin, Brock’s Traitor, Brock’s Railroad and Brock’s Agent

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