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The Get-It-Done Business Plan

Write a Business Plan That Will Get Your Business Financed

by (author) Lana Guzman

photographs by Edgar Guzman

Initial publish date
Oct 2020
Small Business, Decision-Making & Problem Solving, Forecasting, General, Women in Business, Business Writing, Mentoring & Coaching, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, New Business Enterprises, Management, Interest, Motivational, Consulting, General, General, Business Development, Research, General
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    Oct 2020
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    Oct 2020
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A business plan is a comprehensive description and reflection of three things, what your business offers, to whom, and how it is going to be a success. The first part is described in Chapters 2 and 3 of this book. The second part is described in Chapter 6. The third part is described in Chapters 4, 5 and 7-17. Why is this? A simple answer is that it is relatively easy to say 'I sell hot buns to people rushing to work on cold mornings in the winter'. It is so much harder to describe why those hot buns are going to be a success, taking into account a myriad of factors, such as competition, distribution channels, human resources, among many others. In this book, I will tell you how to successfully present your business to a financing organization. I devote extra attention to presenting your business' future success on paper. Also, since you, like many people, are most likely to be asking someone else (a bank, a grant organization or even a wealthy uncle) to finance your business, you will need to write your business plan to satisfy your financer's unique way of evaluating it. This book will help you do just that and more.

About the authors

Contributor Notes

Lana Guzman, MBA is a business plan writer and entrepreneur with close to a decade of experience. She has completed over 80 business plans and counting. She has written business plans for B2C and B2B businesses; start-ups and existing businesses; product and service-based businesses. She has written business plans for loan applications to all major banks in Canada, major grant organizations, investors, competitions, commercial space lease, among many other applications. Lana holds MBA from HEC Montreal and three undergraduate degrees in Business Administration, Finance, and Economics from Universities in The Netherlands and Russia.

Excerpt: The Get-It-Done Business Plan: Write a Business Plan That Will Get Your Business Financed (by (author) Lana Guzman; photographs by Edgar Guzman)

Over the course of the past nine years, I have written over eight dozens of business plans for several dozens of industries and for a large number of clients. Every business plan is a story of success, existing or future, of a business. Every business plan is a living and breathing being, a new company or a new addition to an existing company. Every business plan is a combination of hopes, wishes, someone's huge life plans, and a sizeable amount of money, time and effort pledged by a single person, a family, a group of people, and/or an organization to be invested in making things happen. When writing your own business plan, this is the spirit with which you need to approach it to make it work. Anything less will not make it, so do not waste yourself hundreds of hours if you are not ready. Wait for the time when you are and go for it. The end result, which is to successfully land financing for your business, is worth it.

This book is designed to tell you how to meaningfully write a business plan on your own. Since business plan writing is a reflection process, I am calling for you to reflect on things as you write your business plan. When writing a business plan, you do not only describe what you already know, you project this onto the future and try and predict what your business, existing or new, will look like, what it will offer and, most importantly, how it is going to succeed. A successful business plan calls for you to get on a journey of discovery. Your business plan can be expected to become a success when having finished writing it, you have learned something new about your business and your capacity to bring it to greatness. If, however, having finished your business plan you have learned nothing new, it is possible that your business plan is not telling your reader a persuasive story. So, go back and re-work it until you learn something you did not know.

Editorial Reviews

"You've got the idea, Lana Guzman shows you the way to structure it into an operational and appealing business plan for investors.

Just follow the lead, step by step... Success !"

Alban BOGEAT, marketing expert with more than 30 years experience in the European Union.

" The book is well organized and offers a reader step-by step easy to follow instructions, how to write a business plan yourself, which can be put in front of the financial expert, to get investment, or as a tool to advance your existing business to the next level, to be reviewed by the stakeholders, or when you have a business idea and create a template to polish your idea and structure it well, to bring it into life. The book is easy going and clear even if you are not a professional business plan writer. It has a set of instructions and simple questions leading you through all important components of a business plan which is like do-it-yourself manual. The author included samples of financial documents giving a clue how to support the business plan with actual numbers, statements, making your business plan stand out. The idea of the successful business strives through the book with each component you can add to and elaborate on in your business plan, first putting it in paper. I read the book with pleasure as if I would be reading a fiction book with a plot. The author took my hand and lead me through the hoops of business aspects that are required to create a business plan, so at the end of the story I can rely on writing a business plan that can get investment."

Irene Gomzyakova, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

" Our immigration firm has been working with Ms. Lana Guzman on multiple projects involved business plan preparation for several years. All business plans that were written for our clients over the time resulted in positive business operation, all businesses are still up and running as well as profitable for its owners. We are proud to provide our feedback on the first addition of the Get-It-Done Business Plan. The Get-It-Done Business Plan is the real deal. An impeccable exposition of what, why and how to write the right business plan. The difficult task of writing this crucial piece for a start-up or expanding an existing business are managed majestically chapter after chapter. All the important and necessary elements are presented in a neat way. A must-have book for entrepreneurs that envisage to write the masterpiece document for their own business. I wish Ms. Guzman and her team further success and look forward to seeing the next masterpiece.."

Maksim Gonyakin, Canada for me Inc.