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Health Hacks

How You Can Get Good Health Care in Nova Scotia

by (author) Mary Jane Hampton

Fiscal Choices

Canada after the Pandemic

by (author) Michael M. Atkinson & Haizhen Mou

Fintech Explained

How Technology Is Transforming Financial Services

by (author) Michael King

Beyond Racial Capitalism

Co-operatives in the African Diaspora

edited by Caroline Shenaz Hossein, Sharon D. Wright Austin & Kevin Edmonds

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, 3rd Edition

by (author) John Perkins

From Consent to Coercion

The Continuing Assault on Labour, Fourth Edition

by (author) Bryan Evans, Carlo Fanelli, Leo Panitch & Donald Swartz

Measuring Corporate Default Risk

by (author) Darrell Duffie

Student Solutions Manual for Mathematics for Economics, fourth edition

by (author) Michael Hoy, John Livernois, Chris Mckenna, Ray Rees & Thanasis Stengos

Agricultural Policy, Agribusiness, and Rent-Seeking Behaviour, Third Edition

by (author) Andrew Schmitz, Charles Moss, Troy G. Schmitz, G. Cornelis van Kooten & H. Carole Schmitz

Regulatory Failure and Renewal

The Evolution of the Natural Monopoly Contract, Second Edition

by (author) John R. Baldwin
foreword by Stanley Winer
introduction by Ian Keay

Profits and Power

Navigating the Politics and Geopolitics of Oil

by (author) David A. Detomasi

Doing Economics

What You Should Have Learned in Grad School—But Didn’t

by (author) Marc F. Bellemare

Beyond Self-Interest

Why the Markets Reward Those Who Reject It

by (author) Krzysztof Pelc

Before the UN Sustainable Development Goals

A Historical Companion

edited by Martin Gutmann & Daniel Gorman

In Defence of Wealth

A Modest Rebuttal to the Charge the Rich Are Bad for Society

by (author) Derek Bullen

Global Migration, Gender, and Health Professional Credentials

Transnational Value Transfers and Losses

edited by Margaret Walton-Roberts

Teaching the Dinosaur to Dance

Moving Beyond Business as Usual

by (author) Donna Kennedy-Glans & Andre Mamprin

Credit Intelligence and Modelling

Many Paths through the Forest of Credit Rating and Scoring

by (author) Raymond A. Anderson

The Political Economy of Education in South Asia

Fighting Poverty, Inequality, and Exclusion

by (author) John Richards, Manzoor Ahmed & Shahidul Islam
foreword by Fazle Abed

The Oxford Handbook of Hedge Funds

edited by Douglas Cumming, Sofia Johan & Geoffrey Wood

Remembering and Learning from Financial Crises

edited by Youssef Cassis & Catherine R. Schenk

Mother of Invention

How Good Ideas Get Ignored in an Economy Built for Men

by (author) Katrine Marcal

How to be an Amazing Volunteer Overseas

Rules of the Road, Stories from the Field

by (author) Susan E. Gibson

Applied Welfare Economics, Trade, and Agricultural Policy Analysis

by (author) G. Cornelis van Kooten

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