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No Harm Done

Three Plays About Medical Conditions

by (author) Eugene Stickland, Crystal Phillips, Bin Hu, Dagmar Johnson, William Snell, Sherry L. Dupuis, Pia Kontos, Julia Gray, Christine Jonas-Simpson & Yves Sauvé

Durvile Publications
Initial publish date
Oct 2021
Health Care Issues, Playwriting
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Oct 2021
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No Harm Done contains the text of three short plays, each an exploration of some aspect of a disease. They are: Closer & Closer Apart, Alzheimer Disease; Fade to Light, Stargardt, a form of macular blindness; and The Last Dance, Parkinson Disease. The plays themselves, and Stickland’s introductions to them, comprise the first component of the book, writings by experts in the field comprise the second section, and the third component is a guide to playwriting based on teachings the author has been engaged in for decades. This section also includes a how-to approach to writing a play for a specific cause or event. The book will be of interest not only to theatre practitioners and students of playwriting, but to students and professionals (doctors, caregivers, therapists, et al) in the medical field as well.

About the authors

Contributor Notes

Born in Regina, Sask., Eugene completed an MFA in Theatre at York University, specifically in playwriting and dramaturgy. He moved to Calgary in 1994 at the time of his first major production at Alberta Theatre Projects of the hit play Some Assembly Required, which went on to have over 100 productions worldwide. He wrote nine more plays following that during a ten year residency at ATP. Following his time at ATP, Eugene wrote a popular weekly column for The Calgary Herald and in 2015 he published his first novel, The Piano Teacher, which received the W.O. Mitchell Award. He lives alone in the Beltline neighborhood in Calgary.

Excerpt: No Harm Done: Three Plays About Medical Conditions (by (author) Eugene Stickland, Crystal Phillips, Bin Hu, Dagmar Johnson, William Snell, Sherry L. Dupuis, Pia Kontos, Julia Gray, Christine Jonas-Simpson & Yves Sauvé)

From Closer and Closer Apart A Play About Alzheimer Disease

Scene Four Lights up. JOE is sitting in his chair again. He glances towards the kitchen, nervously. He picks up his bag, takes out a brand new copy of Gray’s Anatomy, begins to read, realizes he doesn’t have his glasses. He gropes around under the books and magazines, then suddenly remembers they are pushed up on his head. He slides them down into position. MELODY enters with a cup of cocoa for each of them. MELODY: There you go. JOE: Thank you . . . MELODY: Just the way you like it. JOE: Mmmmm . . . . MELODY: With marshmallows. JOE: Ah yes . . . . MELODY: That’s still how you like it, isn’t it? JOE: I think so. MELODY: It used to be. JOE: Yes . . . Slight pause. They sip their cocoa. MELODY: How is it? JOE: It’s good. MELODY: That’s good. JOE: Is it Fry’s? MELODY: Yeah. JOE: It’s good. MELODY: Good . . . anything else I can get for you? JOE: No . . . that’s OK. This is good. MELODY: Good. JOE: It’s Fry’s? MELODY: Yes. It’s Fry’s. JOE: That’s good. MELODY: Yeah . . . It’s good . . . Everything’s good . . . They sip their cocoa. MELODY: It’s so good to see you again.

Editorial Reviews

As playwright, dramaturge and teacher, Eugene Stickland is profound, poignant and deeply human; always surprising us with his uniquely comic view of the world. It’s been an honor to work with him and collaborate creatively over the years. No Harm Done invites us into a world we love to visit and never want to leave. —Joe-Norman Shaw, Director, Company of Rogues Actors Studio/Rogues Theatre