Classics never go out of style—that’s what makes them classic. Cozy Classics is a new board book series that presents well-loved ...">
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Children's Fiction Words

Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice

by (author) Jack Wang & Holman Wang

Simply Read Books
Initial publish date
Nov 2012
Words, Classics
Recommended Age
1 to 3
Recommended Grade
  • Board book

    Publish Date
    Nov 2012
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p class=""MsoNoSpacing"">Classics never go out of style—that’s what makes them classic. Cozy Classics is a new board book series that presents well-loved stories to children aged 0+. Every classic in the series will be condensed to 12 baby-friendly words, and each word will appear alongside a photograph of needle felted objects. Pride and Prejudice is a timeless romance about how a bad first impression can turn into love, and one of the world’s most beloved classics. Now this classic can be shared with your youngest children.

About the authors

JACK WANG received a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto, an M.F.A. from the University of Arizona, and a Ph.D. in English with an emphasis in creative writing from Florida State University. In 2014–15, he held the David T. K. Wong Creative Writing Fellowship at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. Stories in his debut collection, We Two Alone, have been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize and longlisted for the Journey Prize, and have appeared in PRISM International, the Malahat Review, the New Quarterly, the Humber Literary Review, and Joyland. Originally from Vancouver, Jack Wang is an associate professor in the Department of Writing at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, where he lives with his wife, novelist Angelina Mirabella, and their two daughters.


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Editorial Reviews

""Enchanting... Jack and Holman Wang have done a service to literate families everywhere with their Cozy Classics"" ~ The Wall Street Journal
“Remarkable."" -The Telegraph (UK)
""Quite simply, delightful."" -The Paris Review
""...a child-appropriate retelling of the original story, so adorable it makes our hearts hurt."" -
""What is Cozy Classics, you might ask? Well, they are a series of board books that adapt classic literature for babies. And boy, are they cute. The books tell the stories of classics using just one word per page, with felt crafted characters. The authors and illustrators are twins Holman and Jack Wang. In the press release, Jack notes: “We created Cozy Classics to revitalize the genre of the baby word books by injecting a sense of narrative and fun for the parent. In doing so, we hope to foster in children a lifelong love of reading and literature.” The books actually tell the novels fairly well (or those who have already read them). Holman states: ""Unlike Barney and Dora, Moby Dick’s Ishmael and Pride & Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennett are characters that children will never outgrow. We couldn't agree more."" - Huffington Post
“This fresh take on Pride and Prejudice is part of the new Cozy Classics series, which blends simple text with beautiful needle-felted illustrations for a kid-friendly spin on beloved tales. It’s the perfect way for Jane Austen fans to get their little one hooked from an early age.” - Canadian Family
""It took 200 years to get it to 12 words... Each word is carefully selected to relate to a child’s world and works even without any reference to the original. ""If you, as a parent, can fill in some of the original tale as part of the reading experience, so much the better! The a href=""!/about/"">Cozy Classics website also offers parents story synopses, quotes, and other tools to help keep the story alive as your child grows."" - Book Patrol: A Haven for Book Culture
""A must-read for moms who love Austen"" - Richmond Parents Magazine
""Can you imagine? By combining needle felting, scale model-making, photography and an extraordinary talent for editing, the creators have made it possible for parents all over the world to say “My 3-year-old just finished reading Moby Dick. He’s reading War and Peace next… and what about your child?” - Jolly Reindeer Website
""As a fan of great literature, we were delighted when we received “Moby Dick"" and ""Pride and Prejudice"". These are not the typical large tomes but interpretations especially for baby. We just love reading them to baby. Jack and Holman Wang did a wonderful job on these books and they will always be in baby's book collection.""  -  A List Baby
""I loved reading to my children when they were small, and I know we would have enjoyed reading this book together. The illustrations are so enchanting, I find them irresistible. And they are a blessed relief from the growing trend for the use of computer-generated graphics in children’s books, which I find so impersonal and well, cold. My daughter has suggested that there may even be a market for the beautifully crafted figures, and I agree with her. I have now ordered copies as Christmas gifts for all the small people in my life. They cannot be exposed to good literature soon enough, and this is a charmingly simple and easy way to do it."" - Austenonly blog
""Classics because they are classic stories and cozy because the illustrations are made from felt! Who would have thought you could re-tell Pride and Prejudice in just 12 words – Friends, Sisters, Dance… A fun way to share your love of literature with the littlest people in the house or the perfect gift for the Austen and Melville fans."" - Kids' Reading Guide 2012, Australia
""Known as a href="""">Cozy Classics, these books, rather than picking out small details of the stories, and using them as a counting primer (as in 1 governess, 2 rich gentleman) instead give us an abridged (obviously, as they only use twelve words - but such a masterful pick!) account of the tale. The twelve needle-felted illustrations are exquisite."" - LoveDecorateLetters Blogspot?
""Read the remarkable children’s board books from Cozy Classics in which Brothers Jack Wang and Holman Wang use needle felted figures to tell Moby-Dick in 12 words. Sailor. Boat. Captain. Leg. Mad. Sail. Find. Whale. Chase. Smash. Sink. Float."" - The Daily Telegraph  
“Why not draw upon some of the world's best literary classics when writing for children - in this case, babies. Brothers Jack Wang and Holman Wang's forthcoming series of board books rewrite (in a LOT fewer words) your high school English syllabus and depict the stories through needle felted figures (hence the ""cozy"").”  - Apartment Therapy
“While surfing the net today, I found the most adorable new baby board books based on classics! Cozy Classics feature photos of needle-felted figures as the illustrations. They are published by Simply Read Books and written and illustrated by Jack Wang and Holman Wang. They are really retro to me in a great way. What a great way to introduce little ones to the classics!” - In the Hammock Blogspot
“Perhaps you’ve heard of “fuzzy math”—now there’s fuzzy literature, as well. Literally. A new series of picture books illustrates works like Moby Dick with adorable felted figures. Does introducing classics in this way, to children at such a young age, influence their feelings about literature? I don’t know, but these books sure are pretty.” - Fiction Review Writers
""It’s never too early to share the classic Pride and Prejudice story with your little one, especially when it’s accompanied by cute needle-felted images such as the one on the cover. There are just 12 baby-friendly words included in this delightful board book."" - Australia Homespun Magazine
""Jane Austen’s timeless tale of first impressions returns, but this time ready to capture the imagination of the youngest readers in the family. Pride and Prejudice jumps off the page as never before through colorful, needle-felted characters that bring to life the beautiful story of love, friendship, and family...Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite novel, so when I came across this board book, I couldn’t resist requesting to review it. I’m so glad I did. I may be way out of its intended audience (0-3 year olds), but that didn’t keep me from thoroughly enjoying it and becoming enthralled by the images. I felt like I’d discovered Pride and Prejudice all over again. I strongly recommend this book to anyone with special little people in his/her life (because one is never too young to get hooked on Jane Austen), as well as to those, who like me are Pride and Prejudice junkies and want another way to experience the story"" - Radiant Lit
""Another book in the ""Cozy Classics"" series is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The needle-felted illustrations for this ""timeless romance"" are for the words: friends, sisters, dance, mean, sick, muddy, yes, no, write, read, walk and marry. The colourful illustrations are very good."" -
""Super cute! 12 appropriate words + 12 amazingly creative felt scenes = 1 of the cutest and cleverest books ever! And it's a board book! The Pride and Prejudice installment of the new a href="""">Cozy Classics series by the brothers Wang is so fun and clever! Perfect for the parents who want to start 'em out on classics young. And seriously? Perfect for anyone who loves the classics if only for the illustrations!"" - Book Adventures Blog
“The book establishes that less is more, as long as the “less” is judiciously representative of the original. The 12 words selected to tell the story of Pride and Prejudice are twelve words common to board books already, with the obvious exception of “marry.” Once they are paired with the needle felted tableaus, which are quite attractive and must have required a lot of time and skill to create, the book kind of makes sense and reaches a level of interpretation which the counting primer, with it’s sly winks to the adult reader, does not.” - Comparing Pride and Prejudice board books: From JA to YA
"" By offering vibrant, needle-felted character photography and scale model illustrations, Cozy Classics makes timeless works such as Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice accessible to even the newest reader in just twelve words.  Words like “sisters,” “boat,” and “friends,” may not convey the plot of War and Peace, but it makes a wonderful introduction to some great books.  Parents fill in the blanks of the story as needed or even allow the children to offer predictions what might happen next. Having kids make plot predictions not only helps them read, but introduces patterns and sequences that create a connection to the written word.  And you can’t get any more classic than that."" - Parents' Choice

""Enchanting... Jack and Holman Wang have done a service to literate families everywhere with their Cozy Classics"" ~ The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

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