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Shovels not Rifles

A Novel

by (author) Gloria Ann Wesley

The Paper Girl of Paris

by (author) Jordyn Taylor

And Then the Sky Exploded Teachers' Guide

Dundurn Teachers' Guide

by (author) Catherine Vincent

Stones for My Father

by (author) Trilby Kent

And Then the Sky Exploded

by (author) David A. Poulsen

The John Wilson Seven 2-Pack

by (author) John Wilson

The Pact

by (author) Amanda West Lewis

The Emperor of Any Place

by (author) Tim Wynne-Jones

Uncertain Soldier

by (author) Karen Bass

Dance of the Banished

by (author) Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

With Fearful Bravery

by (author) Lynne Kositsky

Soldier Doll

by (author) Jennifer Gold

September 17

by (author) Amanda West Lewis

September 17

A Novel

by (author) Amanda West Lewis

Kid Soldier

by (author) Jennifer Maruno

The Darkest Corner of the World

by (author) Urve Tamberg

Kootenay Silver Teachers' Guide

Dundurn Teachers' Guide

by (author) Kathleen Grainger

Kootenay Silver

by (author) Ann Chandler

Chanda's Wars

by (author) Allan Stratton

A Kind of Courage

by (author) Colleen Heffernan

Caged Eagles

by (author) Eric Walters

War of the Eagles

by (author) Eric Walters