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Losing Hit Points

by (author) Kristopher Mielke

Dancehall Rebel

by (author) Stacey Robinson

Luscious Love

by (author) Katerina Bakolias

How to Be Found

by (author) Emily Pohl-Weary

Follow the Shadows

The Tales of Moerden Book 1

by (author) Rosemary Drisdelle

Those Pink Mountain Nights

by (author) Jen Ferguson

Iz the Apocalypse

by (author) Susan Currie

Jagged Little Pill: The Novel

by (author) Eric Smith, Alanis Morissette, Diablo Cody & Glen Ballard

The Story of My Life Ongoing, by C. S. Cobb

by (author) Candas Jane Dorsey
read by Perrie Voss

The Melancholy of Summer

by (author) Louisa Onomé

Cowboys Don't Cry

by (author) Marilyn Halvorson

Bliss Adair and the First Rule of Knitting

by (author) Jean Mills


by (author) Jade Shyback

Degrassi Junior High: 12 Book Set

by (author) Kathryn Ellis, Catherine Dunphy, Susin Nielsen, Loretta Castellarin, Ken Roberts, Nazneen Sadiq & William Pasnak

Baby Drag Queen

by (author) C.A. Tanaka

Cleaning Up

by (author) Leanne Lieberman

The Chandler Legacies

by (author) Abdi Nazemian

Shanti Fights for Her Rights

by (author) Marcia E. Barss

In the Key of Dale

by (author) Benjamin Lefebvre

The Book of Us

by (author) Shane Peacock

Twice as Perfect

by (author) Louisa Onomé

Anna K Away

by (author) Jenny Lee

How to Live without You

by (author) Sarah Everett

He Must Like You

by (author) Danielle Younge-Ullman

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