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Stranger in the Shadows

by (author) Raymond McGregor

Siege of Shadows

by (author) Sarah Raughley

Heavy Freight

by (author) Sigmund Brouwer

Yipee's Gold Mountain

by (author) Raquel Rivera

Going Viral

by (author) Amy Alward

The Volcanic Rose

Time Rose

by (author) Renee Duke

The Remnant

Sequel to The Beachhead

by (author) David Anderson

Every Hidden Thing

by (author) Kenneth Oppel

Ghost Boys

by (author) Shenaaz Nanji

How Samantha Smart Became a Revolutionary

by (author) Dawn Green

Julia Vanishes

by (author) Catherine Egan

Asp of Ascension

by (author) B.R. Myers

Diadem of Death

by (author) B.R. Myers

Heir to the Sky

by (author) Amanda Sun

Hit the Ground Running

by (author) Mark Burley

Those Who Run in the Sky

by (author) Aviaq Johnston
illustrated by Toma Feizo Gas

Exo (a novel)

by (author) Fonda Lee

Fate of Flames

by (author) Sarah Raughley

The Potion Diaries

by (author) Amy Alward

Royal Tour

by (author) Amy Alward

River Traffic

by (author) Martha Brack Martin

The Richard Scrimger Seven 2-Pack

by (author) Richard Scrimger

The Norah McClintock Seven 2-Pack

by (author) Norah McClintock

The Ted Staunton Seven 2-Pack

by (author) Ted Staunton

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