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Wheeling through Toronto

A History of the Bicycle and Its Riders

by (author) Albert Koehl

Off the Tracks

A Meditation on Train Journeys in a Time of No Travel

by (author) Pamela Mulloy

The Lucky and the Lost

The Lives of Titanic’s Children

by (author) John Boileau & Patricia Boileau Theriault

Dream Car

Malcolm Bricklin's Fantastic SV1 and the End of Industrial Modernity

by (author) Dimitry Anastakis

Flight Volume 3

Stories of Canadian Aviation

by (author) Deana J. Driver

The Lucky and the Lost

The Lives of Titanic's Children

by (author) John Boileau
with Patricia Theriault

The Avro Arrow

For the Record

by (author) Palmiro Campagna
foreword by Christopher Waddell

The Soo Line’s Famous Trains to Canada

by (author) Terry Gainer
foreword by Darryl Raymaker

The Best Loved Boat

The Princess Maquinna

by (author) Ian Kennedy


The Golden Age of Airships

by (author) James Trautman

New World Dreams

Canadian Pacific Railway and the Golden Northwest

by (author) David Laurence Jones

Cold War Over Canada

My true-life adventures and disasters flying jet interceptors for the Royal Canadian Air Force

by (author) E. Scott Maclagan


The Railway and the Rise of Canada

by (author) Stephen Bown

The Dangerous Harbour

Revealing the Unknown Ships and Wrecks of the Halifax Explosion

by (author) Bob Chaulk

A Different Track

Hospital Trains of the Second World War

by (author) Alexandra Kitty


The Modern Diesel and Electric Reference

by (author) Greg McDonnell

Crash Harrison

Tales of a Bomber Pilot Who Defied Death

by (author) Deana Driver

Building a Better Boat

How the Cape Island Longliner Saved Nova Scotia’s Inshore Fishery

by (author) Donald Feltmate

Building a Better Boat

How the Cape Island Longliner Saved Nova Scotia's Inshore Fishery

by (author) Donald J. Feltmate

Workboats for the World

The Robert Allan Story

by (author) Robert G. Allan
with Peter A. Robson

Bush and Arctic Pilot (ebook)

A Pilot's Story

by (author) Al Williams

The Diesel That Did It

General Motors' FT Locomotive

by (author) Wallace W. Abbey
edited by Kevin P. Keefe & Martha A. Miller
contributions by Greg McDonnell

De Havilland Canada

Beaver to Dash 8

by (author) Christopher Buckley

The Last Steam Railways

Volume 1: The People's Republic of China

by (author) Robert D. Turner

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