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The Limits of Resilience

When to Persevere, When to Change, and When to Quit

by (author) Michael Ungar

Meaningful Pasts

Historical Narratives, Commemorative Landscapes, and Everyday Lives

by (author) Russell Johnston & Michael Ripmeester

Revitalizing PLACE through Social Enterprise

edited by Natalie Slawinski, Brennan Lowery, Ario Seto, Mark C.J. Stoddart & Kelly Vodden


Le sous-développement durable

by (author) Vladimir Pierre Antoine Lovinski
series edited by Genevieve Tellier

Substances, Welfare, and Social Relations

Breaking Stigma, Pursuing Hope

by (author) Amber Gazso

The Opinionated Middle Ground

Consensus is Possible and Polarization is Curable

by (author) John Scott Cowan

Sexual Assault in Canadian Sport

by (author) Curtis Fogel & Andrea Quinlan

Aging as a Social Process

by (author) Andrew V. Wister

On Community

by (author) Casey Plett

Meeting My Treaty Kin

A Journey toward Reconciliation

by (author) Heather Menzies

Transformative Politics of Nature

Overcoming Barriers to Conservation in Canada

edited by Andrea Olive, Chance Finegan & Karen F. Beazley

Indigenous Peoples in the Twenty-First Century 4E

by (author) James S. Frideres

Racism Colonialism and Indigeneity

by (author) Martin J. Cannon & Lina Sunseri

Making Gender

Big Pharma, HPV Vaccine Policy, and Women's Ontological Decision-Making

by (author) Michelle Wyndham-West

Interpreting the Body

Between Meaning and Matter

contributions by Ben Spatz, Kathryn Linn Geurts, Sefakore Komabu-Pomeyie, Sweta Rajan-Rankin, Mrinalini Greedharry, Lee Monaghan, Piper Sledge, Erin Johnston, Brittney Miles, Chandra Russo & Annemarie Jutel
edited by Anne Marie Champagne & Asia Friedman

Playing the Supporting Role

Strip Club Managers and Other Third Parties

by (author) Tuulia Law

The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Disability

edited by Robyn Lewis Brown, Michelle Maroto & David Pettinicchio

Assessment and Communication of Risk

A Pocket Text for Health and Safety Professionals

by (author) Eric Liberda & Timothy Sly

The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous Sociology

edited by Maggie Walter, Tahu Kukutai, Angela Gonzales & Robert Henry

Interpretive Sociology and the Semiotic Imagination

contributions by J.I. Bakker, Wayne Brekhus, Todd Madigan, Paul McLean, Rein Raud, Eunkyung Song & Elizabeth Wissinger
edited by Andrea Cossu & Jorge Fontdevila

Violence, Imagination, and Resistance

Socio-legal Interrogations of Power

edited by Mariful Alam, Patrick Dwyer & Katrin Roots

Reparative Universities

Why Diversity Alone Won't Solve Racism in Higher Ed

by (author) Ariana González Stokas

Social Movements

by (author) Suzanne Staggenborg & Howard Ramos

Envisioning Democracy

New Essays after Sheldon Wolin's Political Thought

edited by Terry Maley & John R. Wallach

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